Software for martial arts schools

Attendance tracking

Use your iPhone/iPad/Android device or standard Windows based PC to track attendance! Print QR code cards directly from our software! It’s so easy and simple. Forget about expensive bar code readers and complicated hardware or software.

After your student scans the QR code card, the software will check if any past dues exists, and display this information to the user.

Use your Phone or Tablet to track attendance

You don’t need to buy extra software or hardware to track attendance with DojoExpert. You just print QR code cards from DojoExpert software, cut the cards, distribuite it to your members and use your existing iPhone/iPad/Android device to track attendance (you will need to download our FREE iPhone/Android app from iTunes/Google play). The tracking is live, so you can use another computer to view who’s in! Ofcourse, you can always correct attendance manual.

Download the app:
Android: DojoExpert attendance tracker
iOS: DojoExpert QR code scanner


Use your PC or notebook with webcam

If you don’t have iPhone/iPad you can use your notebook or desktop PC with standard webcam. The only thing you need is Internet connection. This feature is available only for Windows OS. For instructions, go to your account and find setup instructions under Settings/QR code attendance tracking.


Print membership cards with QR code

qrcodemembercardYou can print QR code cards directly from DojoExpert interface. Also, you can print members cards (for front face) with your school logo and with color design you choose. You can also upload custom card backgrounds.




Track attendance by PIN

attendance-tracking-appYour students can check in by entering his PIN number into our attendance tracking page that is optimized for tablets. Find out more about attendance tracking by PIN.




Face recognition attendance tracking

face-recognition-attendanceIn our android app you can also use face recognition for attendance tracking. This technology is not 100% reliable, but can be used if you have android device with good front camera and good lighting conditions in your school. It can also work online and offline. In this scenario your students don’t need to have member cards. Read more about face recognition for attendance tracking.


Manual attendance tracking

Automatic attendance tracking is available only in our PRO plan. You can always use our interface for manual attendance checking. You can do it online or offline by printing attendance sheets. Read more abut it here: Manual attendance tracking