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About subscriptions management and invoicing

on Feb 11, 2012

With DojoExpert you can easily manage your subscriptions (memberships). We support various models which you can use depending on your school preferences:

– monthly payments
– weekly payments
– annual payments
– per class payments

For every model above, you can specify duration, for example: you can have a 3 months fee package, 4 week fee packages, 2 years packages, packages for 5, 10, or any other number of classes. Once you create your packages, you can assign it to individual members and the system will keep track when to create the invoices.

The system will generate invoices for selected package based on information you have specified in subscription model.

To learn more about how this works, read this blog post: Invoicing tutorial


Print or send invoices over e-mail.

If you have e-mails of your members saved in members database than you can use group e-mail service of DojoExpert. If not, you can print invoices and distribute it in any way to your members. Click on “print” or “email” icon under the invoices grid:


If you click “print”, all invoices will load in one page, ready to print (each on separate page) with your school logo and title:


If you select “send email” action then you will be redirected to e-mail page with preselected recipients. By inserting special code you can send invoice link to your students which they can click and open in their browsers:

Email invoice

More about this feature here: Send invoices via Email


Enter payments data

When someone pays you the invoice, you need to enter it into system. Go to “Finance” and enter it using “Add a payment” form:

add payment

You can automate this if you use PayPal payment gateway – then, when someone pays the invoice it will automatically mark it inside DojoExpert.


Run reports

To find out who ows you money for current month, or who has past dues, use the available reports: “Payments report” and “Subscription dues”.


Send reminders

You can use “e-mail” service to send reminders about subscription payments. Reminders can be sent automatically with automated email feature.

Each time you login into DojoExpert you will be able to see on Dashboard the status of subscription payments over past months:


Integrate with PayPal

You can connect your DojoExpert account with your PayPal account and enable PayPal payments. Your students can pay invoices with PayPal through members area (student login) or with a payment link which you can send them via email. You can also create recurring payments with PayPal and bill your students automatically every month (or any other period you set).