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Map your members

on Aug 3, 2017

Now you can plot your members on a map and see where they are located! You’r school is showed with blue marker, active students are green, inactive red, unsubscribed gray and instructors are yellow. You can find the map in “reports” section under “members” menu. Here’s an example:

Students map

All markers are clickable – it will show you member name and address with link to his profile.

Updating geolocations

Map will show only members for which you have set the address and city in member details. If you have a lot of members, loading the map for the first time can take some time because the system needs to look for geolocation points (latitude and longitude) for all addresses you have in database. So, if this screen pops up, just follow the instructions and be patient while the system finds all points on the map (this is done only once, the first time you load the map):

Resolving issues

If some points on the map are not correct please edit the members address and city. Maybe some streets exists in more then one cities and adding correct city, province or city block inside address fields can help to put the marker on the right spot. If you don’t see your school (blue marker) on the map then probably you did not set the address of the school inside settings/school info tab (or the address is invalid and can’t be found). The same goes for dojos – if you have more dojos, to show them on the map go to “settings”, “dojo” tab and set the address data.

Please note that we are using Google maps API to find geolocation points. Maps are not perfect, and some points, especially in rural areas can’t be displayed.

If you need help with resolving issues on your map, contact us!