Software for martial arts schools


Damian Leonard, CIKA, England

We have been using dojo software for a number of years and can not recommend it highly enough to all clubs within our and any organisation.

Sport Karate East, UK

SKE have recently purchased "DojoExpert" software and we would encourage other growing clubs to implement using this software, its a great tool to assist you in growing, building and retaining your members. We can't recommend "DojoExpert" software highly enough!

Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Portugal

I took a trial of all martial arts school software available and found DojoExpert is by far the easier to use, without bloatware, fast, responsive, loads of features, phone apps and so much more. Costumer support is second to none, fast and willing to help, the price for all this makes it, in my opinion the best Martial Arts School manager software available quality/features/support/price wise.

Phill, Warrior Factory, UK

Before I was a full time martial arts coach I worked in the computing industry. I have tried quite a few different student management systems but many either wasn't written for martial arts clubs or they were very expensive. DojoExpert seems to combine all the features we need with great customer service while also being great value for money.

TVKF, Sweden

We have used DojoExpert now for several years and we are very satisfied! Our attendance registration with qr-cards works smoothly and without problems. Our administration of finances and belt exams is now easy to manage and we can get and view valuable reports and statistics in many different ways, even customized. The support is excellent and there is continuous improvement and development of the system.

Titan Karate, South Africa

Every Dojo should subscribe. It has made my life much easier and streamlined from the financial side to the practical side. What makes this unique is that My parents get access to what I want them to get access too at all times without them having to constantly ask me for information. This is truly all you will ever need for your dojo and well worth. Best support for a great product.

Coach Tasos, Chania personal training, Greece

We have been using DojoExpert for a few months now and are very happy because it is easy to use and very versatile giving us the opportunity to spent less time working on our laptop and more training. It was something we wanted for years! It is great that we can customize it to fit our needs, thanks to the great IT team behind DojoExpert.

Coach Rodriguez, Dominion MMA, USA

Your software is the best out there! Few months ago I left DojoExpert because other companies promised all these features but in the end they just didn't work as good as your software. Thank you for making a product that makes my life easier as a mixed martial arts coach.

Master Garbowsky, Karate Academy, USA

I settled on DojoExpert and couldn't be happier. For an extremely reasonable cost, not only did it meet my requirements straight away, but the programming team at DojoExpert were able to do some customization that really allowed me to tailor the application to fit my particular needs.

Inacio Cristo Dias, Jisei dojo, Portugal

A year ago I found a good way to manage my dojo. Until today this fantastic platform responded to about 90% of my needs. One feature that I appreciate is the automatic attendance of members who spend their QRCode and get a message that can be generic or customized with the value of the debt to the dojo ...