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5 DojoExpert’s hidden features

on Jul 13, 2016

DojoExpert has many features, but some may be hard to find. Maybe this list can help you to manage your dojo using all its possibilities!

#1 Allow students to update their data online

You can enable it under “settings” -> “modules” tab. There you will find a link that you can send to your students via email. That way, students will be able to login with their UID and passwords in order to update their personal data (address, phone numbers, etc.) online.

#2 Display number of classes on check in

If you’re using attendance tracking app (with QR or other ways) you can display current class count for each member. You need to enable this under “Finance” -> “Subscription packages”. Look for “display limit status on check in” option and set the attendance limit. On check in, beside the welcome message, the attendance count will be displayed; e.g. “Welcome John Smith (2/4)”, meaning this is John’s second class out of 4 allowed (or paid).

#3 Insert bulk attendance data

OK, this is a really hidden feature 🙂 You can’t find it anywhere and you can access it only if you know the direct link which is:
This will allow you to insert so called “fake” attendance data per member, so that attendance counts starts with a particular number. This is useful if you are moving from another system and don’t want to start attendance counting from zero.

#4 Assign members to multiple dojos

Maybe isn’t obvious, but you must specify each members’ dojo. A member can be enrolled in groups of different dojo’s, but in only one dojo!  If you go to “Members”->”Groups and classes” you’ll notice that you can enroll anybody to a group in any dojo, just select it from the list. This will not be visible in members’ profile (as it lists only groups of selected dojo), but underneath, your member will be enrolled in groups (classes) which you’ve selected and attendance tracking will be possible.

#5 Add payments without invoices

In DojoExpert, by default, before adding a payment you need to create an invoice. But you can also do the other way around, in fact, add payments and create invoices in the same step.  Go to “Finance”->”Add payments”, select member(s), one or more, and notice “(new)” option in invoices list. If you select it the system will first create an invoice for the amount you specified and then add payment for that invoice.  Nice feature to quickly add payment data!

Hope you found something useful in this list, there is more, but we can’t reveal all at once, right ? 🙂