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About attendance tracking

on Dec 6, 2011

Here is how attendance tracking works in DojoExpert: you can track online or offline. If you have a mobile device with Internet access (smart phone, tablet pc, pda…) you can easy track attendance in your dojo. Before the class begins, you simply navigate to DojoExpert manager, login and load attendance page up. Select the group and date, hit “load” and the list of students loads. You check who’s in and click “save”. That’s it. The class can begin 🙂 If you don’t have Internet access in your dojo you can use old fashio offline tracking. At home or your office you can print out the “attendance sheet” – you can find it in DojoExpert manager, under “attendnace” in the bottom right corner of the page. You print this sheet once a month and take it with you in your dojo where you mark your sudents attendance. At the end of the month, or every day if you want, when you come home or at your office you load this data in DojoExpert manager attendance application (manual ofcourse). Here is how online application and offline attendnace sheet looks like:


Automatic swipe systems

We do have automatic attendance tracking application for iPhone/iPad and for Windows PC. This feature is available only to our PRO customers (see Pricing plans). Read more about it here: Attendance tracking with QR codes.

Attendance reports

No matter what is your way of tracking attendance, in DojoExpert you have various statistics available. First, when you visit the members list, you have “attendance” column. In this column you can see the percantege of global attendance (all groups) per member LAST 30 DAYS. You can sort the table according to attendance (click on column header) and quickly view who’s your top student or who’s missing in classes.

When you click “details” and open the student card you can view detailed attendance information. On tab “groups” you can see attendance percentage per groups that the student is enrolled. This is also 30 days attendance percentage, but be aware that this number can be different then the on on main table if you the student switched groups last 30 days.

Next, you have “Attendance” tab where you can see the global attendance (all groups) per month. This is very useful because you can see if the student is droping or growing in class attendance over past months:

If you require more detailed attendance reports, you can access them on “members” page. You can have a report about general class attendnace in some time period or detailed attendance table per member: