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Affiliate Program

Sign up for an affiliate account and start earning cash by using your site to refer visitors to Every qualifying sale made through your ads will bring you an up to 40% commission. It’s fast, FREE and easy.

How DojoExpert Affiliate Program works

Below is a simplified image which illustrates the complete work flow of our Affiliate system:

Your earning potential is unlimited!
You’ll receive up to 40% commission made through your affiliate ad or link. You will be paid for each referred NEW order according commission rates below:

  • 20% for any annual plans – For example, if one of your referrals buys a one-year Pro plan you earn €35.80. (€179 x 20% = €35.80)
  • 40% for any monthly plans – For example, if one of your referrals buys a monthly Pro plan you earn €8.00. (€20 x 40% = €8.00)

When a customer uses an Affiliate link, we install a cookie on their computer/device that is active for 90 days. When the customer purchases the product, we use the Affiliate ID from that cookie to credit your account.
You can even track your sales and earnings with free online reporting tools. Commissions are paid via PayPal. Commissions are paid for 1st transaction only (1st month or year).

Signup now:

DojoExpert Affiliate Program agreement and Terms and conditions

This agreement commences when we notify you that we have accepted your application to participate in the DojoExpert Affiliate Program. By participating in this Program, you represent to us that you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions make up a legally binding agreement for your participation in the DojoExpert Affiliate Program.

Affiliates are required to enter their account details on our signup form. Currently affiliates are required to have a PayPal account.

The minimum age for participation is 18.

DojoExpert service is made available to you “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”, and DojoExpert makes no warranty as to its use or performance.

You may not use Affiliate program to get commission for your own martial arts business.

1. Website Hyperlink

We authorise you as our Affiliate to refer customers to the DojoExpert Website by providing a hyperlink from your Website to the DojoExpert Website.

You must comply with any reasonable directions we give you about the placement of Banners, hyperlink and text. This authorisation is non-exclusive and you are not our partner, employee nor agent, and you must not purport to act on our behalf nor do anything that is not expressly authorised under this Agreement.

2. Advertisement

Under no circumstances shall You send commercial electronic mail messages as defined in the new Federal spam law, the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 [the “Act”], with respect to DojoExpert’s Program. For clarification, this does not prohibit You from sending transactional or relationship messages as defined in the Act. DojoExpert reserves the right to collect, withhold, or cancel any and all compensation related to the content You send via commercial electronic mail messages.

You shall not purchase or register keywords, Pay Per Click advertising, AdWords, search terms, domain names, or other identifying terms that include the word “DOJOEXPERT” or certain variations and misspellings thereof for use in any search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service.

If DojoExpert determines, in its sole discretion, that You have purchased or attempted to purchase “DojoExpert” keywords or domain names, or one of the three cited examples above, then DojoExpert may (without limiting any other remedies available to it) pursue any or all of the following actions:

  • Withhold all compensation otherwise payable to You beginning with the date on which You purchased the prohibited trademarked terms;
  • Remove You from the DojoExpert affiliate Program permanently; and/or
  • Contact the search engine in which your ad was found to ask that these ads be removed immediately and permanently.

The DojoExpert has strict anti-spam policies regarding internet programs. The DojoExpert does not condone spam by affiliates. This includes, but is not limited to, spam via email, instant messaging, ICQ, chat rooms, message boards, or online forums. Unsolicited advertising in any form is not condoned by The DojoExpert in any manner. Any affiliate found to be involved in any of these type of activities will be terminated and shall expect no affiliate payment compensation.

Any affiliate whose site promotes or contains content pertaining to Warez, Bestiality, Rape, Child Pornography, acts of violence, or other illegal content will have their accounts terminated immediately.

Sites that promote illegal activity, terrorism, anti-government activity or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation or physical disability are not permitted to participate in The DojoExpert’s affiliate program.

Any affiliate who violates or infringes upon 3rd party copyright, trademark, patent, or any intellectual property rights will have their account terminated immediately, this includes, but is not limited, fraudulent activity against any other program.

3. Commission

We will pay you a commission calculated as a percentage of the amount for each „Basic“ or „Pro“ registration  issued to a customer arising directly from the customer being referred from your website to the DojoExpert Website.

Commissions are paid for 1st transaction only (1st month of monthly plan or 1st year of annual plan).

If the registration is canceled by the customer we are entitled to a refund of any commission already paid to you for that registration and we are entitled to offset any such amount from any further payments due to you.

We may vary how we calculate commission by giving you not less than 7 days notice via e-mail. We may increase or reduce the percentage rate of commission or change the methodology for calculating remuneration. If you do not agree to this change, you may terminate this agreement by giving us notice in writing effective immediately.

Commission is not payable if the DojoExpert registration is issued over the telephone. All registrations must be made over the DojoExpert Website.

DojoExpert reserves the right to set different pay rates and prices for specific affiliates.

4. Payment

We will pay you Commission any time you request so via „request payment“ link in  DojoExpert manager affiliate website.

Our calculation of your Commission and your entitlement to payment depends on the hyperlink to the DojoExpert Website being operational for us to collect the necessary data. If the hyperlink does not enable us to collect the necessary data you will not be entitled to any commission on any sales.

Commission is paid only via PayPal.

5. Banners and Resources

We will make available website banners, quote panels, technical support details and other web based resources to support your activities as our Affiliate. You may use the Banners and Resources only for the purpose of providing a hyperlink on your website that links to the DojoExpert Website. You may only use the Banners and Resources in a manner approved by us and you must not alter or tamper with the Banners and Resources in any way.

Intellectual Property means patents, trade marks, service marks, registered designs, unregistered design marks, trade or business names, copyright, data and database rights, any rights in any invention, discovery or process, confidential information or know-how and documentation.

We own all Intellectual Property in the Banners and Resources, the DojoExpert Website and the DojoExpert Trade Marks. We grant to you a non-exclusive and non-transferable revocable licence for the duration of this agreement to use the Banners and Resources, the DojoExpert Website and the DojoExpert Trade Marks for the purpose of providing a hyperlink on your website that links to the DojoExpert Website. You must not use the DojoExpert Trade Mark, and you must not use any names or marks that are deceptively similar to or that resemble the DojoExpert Trade Marks.

You are solely responsible for the implementation of all URLs that are linked to the DojoExpert Website. Once your application is approved, we will send you an email confirmation with login URL to monitor your website referral and sales. We will be unable to track sales if you make any changes to the tracking URL. You hereby agree that when and if the URL used in tracking sales is modified, erased, corrupted for whatever reason we will not be able to track sales and we will not be liable for payment of any commissions.

You must not bid on the DojoExpert name or trademark in any search engine marketing campaigns.

6. Indemnity

You indemnity us and we indemnify you for any liability, loss, damage or expenses arising from a breach of this agreement or any negligent or wilful act or omission.

However we are not be liable for and you release us from any indirect loss or damage (including without limitation any loss of revenue, profits or data) arising under or in connection with this Agreement or the Affiliate Program.

We disclaim any express or implied warranty representation or guarantee as to the effectiveness or profitability of the Affiliate Program or that the operation of our website will be uninterrupted or error-free. We are not liable for the consequences of any interruptions or error in our website or the Affiliate Program.

7. Term and Termination

This agreement continues indefinitely. Either you or we may terminate this agreement at any time without having to give reasons.

Service of notice by email to the email address given in your application is deemed to be delivery of notice.

We may terminate this agreement immediately if your website contains content or materials that in our absolute discretion causes or is likely to cause damage to our reputation or the reputation of our partners, clients or our customers. We may immediately terminate this agreement if your Website includes content that is false or misleading, obscene, promotes violence discrimination or illegal activities or infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party.

On termination of this agreement you are no longer authorised to act as our Affiliate and you must immediately remove all Banners and hyperlinks from your website and cease your activities as an affiliate.

We will pay all amounts owing to you for DojoExpert registrations issued before the termination date but we will not be liable to pay any remuneration for any DojoExpert services purchased by the customer after the termination date.

The DojoExpert reserves the right to terminate any affiliate for any reason, including but not limited to, fraud or suspected fraud. Fraud includes, but is not limited to, the submission of unauthorized purchases, or providing unsolicited advertisements.

Affiliates will not receive referral commissions from referred purchases which are returned for any reason.

The DojoExpert reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of their affiliate program without prior notice, including the right to discontinue this program. In the event that The DojoExpert discontinues its affiliate program, it will pay all affiliates the balance of their accounts.

The DojoExpert is not obligated in any way to reveal the reasons for termination of referred affiliates.

DojoExpert’s indemnity rights shall not be limited or offset by any contributory negligence by the DojoExpert. The DojoExpert may participate in the defense at its expense.

From time to time the DojoExpert may send e-mail to affiliates with regard to system updates, promotions, or offers. Affiliates agree to receive this e-mail by signing up for the DojoExpert Affiliate Program.

8. Change to these Terms and Conditions

We may change these Terms and Conditions at any time, including commission levels and how we calculate and pay commission under this agreement.