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New opportunities for associations

on Dec 1, 2015

From now on DojoExpert can be used to run multiple schools with one account. Data (members, finances, etc.) can now be separated for each “dojo” (“Dojo” is location, branch or “subschool”) and multiple logins can be created for each dojo with access only to the selected dojo data. Master account has access to all data, but subaccounts (dojos) have access only to its data.

This is suitable for federations (associations) which need to have an easy way of managing associated schools and their members. Members of different dojos can cross-train in other dojos, and these events can be created by master account (federation) where all dojo members will be able to subscribe. Emails can be sent by federation to all members, etc.


One DojoExpert account can by default manage up to 5 schools. If you need more then 5 dojos, you will need to purchase extra. The cost of each additional dojo is -50% of the cost of the selected plan. We also offer volume discounts. Contact us for more details.