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Attendance tracking by face recognition

on Jan 10, 2016

We are excited to present you our new cool feature: attendance tracking with face recognition! This feature is available only in Android app (for now) and it is in experimental phase. In this article we will introduce everything you need to know before testing and using face recognition for attendance tracking.

Some basic points:

  • face recognition is not 100% reliable technology, don’t expect it to work perfectly
  • face recognition depends on various factors: camera quality, lighting conditions, distance between face and camera
  • if face is not recognized, the app would ask you to enter UID – make sure to have a list of students with UID before starting to use (“groups report” in your account)
  • in order to work, you need to install this app. Don’t worry, our app will warn you if you’re missing this library and will prompt you if you want to install it.

The original idea was to enable attendance tracking without QR code cards. Students often forget their card, which complicates the process of checking into the class. With face recognition, hopefully, this problem will be resolved – you can’t forget your face, right?

How it works:

  • open the app on your Android device
  • select group and click “identify face” button
  • student must stand still in front of camera
  • the app tries to recognize the face, two outcomes are possible:
    • face is successfully recognized, attendance is marked and the welcome message is displayed on screen
    • face is not recognized, so the app asks you to enter student’s UID (unique number of student) or his or her’s name. When UID or name is entered, the face is saved and attendance is marked with welcome message displayed on screen. Next time this student comes, the app should recognize it.

The app stores faces on your device. So, if you are using multiple devices, each device will need to have stored faces. Faces are stored when you enter UID for not recognized face. For faster recognition student faces are stored in separate folder for each group – meaning, if you have students enrolled in multiple groups, they will need to be stored for each group separately.

Having a list with UIDs or making students memorize their UID will speed up the process of attendance tracking with face recognition. If the app fails to recognize the face for some reason, students can simply enter their UID and check in.

Tips how to make the face recognition work better:

  • instruct your students to stand still in front of camera, without making faces and with correct distance (big face on screen)
  • put your device always on same place for scanning – for lighting condition reasons
  • have good lighting conditions

Based on our test, face recognition is suitable if you have small groups (up to 20 people) with older students (12 years and up). As said, this feature is experimental, hope you will have fun using it, and let us know how it works for you!