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Attendance tracking by PIN

on Jan 22, 2015

Now you can track attendance by entering student’s PIN – UID. Access this feature by selecting “attendance” from “members” menu and then click “mobile” button – this screen¬†is optimized for mobile devices/tablets. After you select group (class) and date and click¬†“Track by UID” button the screen will look like this:



Your students can then enter their UID number and hit “check in” and the attendance will be marked in DojoExpert. A welcome message will appear on the screen and display due warning if exists (if you have not disabled this in settings). Student can “clear” the welcome/warning message with “clear” button. You can even set custom UIDs (PINs) if you use the “bar code” field in student details, but be aware that each student must have unique number.

Instructor can also check/mark attendance by loading the attendance list by using “load list” option. This way, after everyone checked in he can check who’s in (and correct the data if needed):



TIP: create a separate login (custom user account) with only attendance permissions that you will use for attendance tracking in this way. You can create custom user logins in settings.

UPDATE: for manual attendance tracking by PIN you can also use our mobile app for QR scanning. It can even work while offline.