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Belt milestones

on Sep 3, 2017

Milestones, steps, requirements, badges… it all means one thing: what are your students required to do to be eligible for a belt exam. In DojoExpert you can create such milestones for each belt and monitor your students on how close they are for next belt. You can mark which student achieved which milestone, and show that in student’s login app. A milestone can be anything, and you can have it as much as you need.

Create milestones in your belt system by clicking the number in grid (initially zero):


It will open a pop up where you can add milestones for selected belt. Just enter a descriptive name and click “Add”:

Add milestones

After you define milestones, you can mark which student achieved which milestone. Go to “promotions”, “milestones” tab, select belt and member and hit “Load”:

Add milestone

If a milestone is achieved enter the date when that was. To delete a milestone achievement just delete the date and click “save”.

You can monitor the progress of your students in “next promotion” grid:

Milestones in next belt grid

You can also click on orange dots to update milestones for selected member. Milestones can also be updated in attendance list if you click the flag icon:

milestones in attendance

Be aware that the flag icon will show only if you have set the correct art in groups setting (hold down CTRL key to select multiple arts):

groups and art

If you enabled “show next belt in student login” setting (find it in “settings” under “modules” tab) then your students can see their progress in student login app. Example:

Student login and milestones

Milestones are just one part of belt requirements that you can set. Months of training, class attendance and age are also requirements which can be counted towards next belt.