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Belts upgrade

on Jun 18, 2015

We upgraded the belt system to better support attendance requirements for belts and styles. Now you can specify more styles in group (class) setting. For each group you can specify multiple styles. E.g. if you teach two styles, karate and kickboxing, you can specify at the group level these styles:


Hold down CTRL key to select multiple styles when editing group.

Why is this important?

If you have attendance┬árequirements set in belt settings, then the system will count attendance toward next belt only from those groups where the selected style is set. Here’s an example:



Selecting “kickboxing” in above example and hitting “load list” button will show you attendance counts (ratios) only from “kickboxing” groups (you can have many of them). To remind you, the “attendance ratio” 37/24 in above example means that the member Robert Delarosa attended 37 classes of kickboxing from his last belt promotion (08/01/2014) until today – and the requirement for next belt (yellow) is 24 classes – so he is eligible to test for next belt (yellow).

Don’t forget that you can also have groups (classes) that doesn’t count toward belt attendance requirements. For these groups you unset the “count att” flag in group settings.