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New mobile app

By on Sep 9, 2018 in Attendance tracking, Blog, Members management |

We are happy to introduce our new mobile app for Android and iOS devices that will help you to run your martial art school. It includes these features: manual attendance tracking (easier then in browser) QR scan attendance tracking (like in old app) kiosk mode for attendance tracking (self check-in) member details – find, view or update members data add new member class management payments (view paid and unpaid invoices per member and add payments) belts attendance statistics leads management (view, add or convert leads) milestones and promotions requirements SMS sending Here are a few screenshots:        You can dowload the app from Google play store and iOS app store: Android: iOS: Use your existing DojoExpert username and password to login. Stay tuned for next releases (updates of the app) that will include: translations better invoicing...

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Kiosk mode for self check-in

By on Nov 15, 2017 in Attendance tracking, Blog |

Attendance tracking can be simple if you are using our new “kiosk mode” self check-in screen. The idea is to open this screen on your tablet and let your students self check-in by typing their name or UID. You can pick the class for which you want to take attendance, or the student can select into which class he wants to check-in if auto-detect is selected. You can find “kiosk mode” button on attendance page: You can then select “auto detect” or specific class for which you want to do attendance: A screen with your logo and school name appears where students can type their name or UID number. A list of members appear as soon as they start typing – enabling them to select their name faster: If you selected “auto detect” and the student is enrolled in more then one group an additional select will appear enabling student to select into which class he wants to check-in: After clicking the “check in” button the student is checked in and your welcome message is displayed. If a due exists (and you’ve enabled due showing) the message will contain that info as well. The system will also display the student’s picture if you have it in the system: There is also a “clear” button to hide the displayed message and “undo” button to roll back the check-in if it was done by mistake. UPDATE July 2018: Kiosk mode is now available in our mobile app! Check it out, it’s more secure then web...

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Quick start guide

By on Jul 25, 2016 in Attendance tracking, Blog, Invoices and payments, Members management |

Welcome to DojoExpert! Through this guide you will learn some basic steps on how to manage your school with the help of DojoExpert. After you read this short guide you will be able to: add members create classes track attendance create invoices and mark payments Let’s start! Adding members To add members to your database you need to go to “members” page of course 🙂 First name, last name and dojo are required fields when adding new members: “Dojo” can be a location or a school branch. If you don’t have multiple branches, then put all your members in default “head dojo”. If you want you can change dojos (like update its name, add new ones, maybe delete existing etc.) you can do it in settings: Back to members management. When you add new member, you will be redirected to member’s profile page where you can fill other data (if you want). All fields are optional, you don’t need to fill them if you don’t need them. After any changes, click “save” button. Some of important points on a member’s profile are marked on this screenshot: If you have a lot of members in excel or csv file you can send the file to us and we can do the import for you. Classes Classes in DojoExpert are called “Groups”. So, after you add a few members you can group them into groups. In main menu select “members” and then select “groups & classes” on the drop down list. Groups are defined per dojo, so first you need select the dojo in which you want to add groups (if you have more than one dojo). Name your groups as you wish, e.g. “beginners class”. Groups can be used for various things, not just to form a class, so if the group you’ve created is a class make sure to check the “is class” setting: After you have created groups (classes) you can add (enroll) members in. You can do this here on this screen, or in member’s profile screen. One member can be enrolled in multiple groups if you want. When enrolling a member you can specify the subscription package and start date: You will learn more on subscription packages...

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Attendance tracking by face recognition

By on Jan 10, 2016 in Attendance tracking, Blog |

We are excited to present you our new cool feature: attendance tracking with face recognition! This feature is available only in Android app (for now) and it is in experimental phase. In this article we will introduce everything you need to know before testing and using face recognition for attendance tracking. Some basic points: face recognition is not 100% reliable technology, don’t expect it to work perfectly face recognition depends on various factors: camera quality, lighting conditions, distance between face and camera if face is not recognized, the app would ask you to enter UID – make sure to have a list of students with UID before starting to use (“groups report” in your account) in order to work, you need to install this app. Don’t worry, our app will warn you if you’re missing this library and will prompt you if you want to install it. The original idea was to enable attendance tracking without QR code cards. Students often forget their card, which complicates the process of checking into the class. With face recognition, hopefully, this problem will be resolved – you can’t forget your face, right? How it works: open the app on your Android device select group and click “identify face” button student must stand still in front of camera the app tries to recognize the face, two outcomes are possible: face is successfully recognized, attendance is marked and the welcome message is displayed on screen face is not recognized, so the app asks you to enter student’s UID (unique number of student) or his or her’s name. When UID or name is entered, the face is saved and attendance is marked with welcome message displayed on screen. Next time this student comes, the app should recognize it. The app stores faces on your device. So, if you are using multiple devices, each device will need to have stored faces. Faces are stored when you enter UID for not recognized face. For faster recognition student faces are stored in separate folder for each group – meaning, if you have students enrolled in multiple groups, they will need to be stored for each group separately. Having a list with UIDs or making students memorize their UID will speed...

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New version of QR scanning app

By on Mar 5, 2015 in Attendance tracking, Blog |

We are excited to announce new enhanced version of QR codes scanning app that is now available in Google Play and on iTunnes. Here’s what’s new: Support for manual attendance tracking by PIN After you login, first, you have to select the group whose attendance you want to track and then you enter students’ PIN (this is the UID number in DojoExpert). So, instead of scaning the card, student can enter his UID number and check in this way.   Support for offline work The app can now work without Internet connection. This is convenient if you don’t have WiFi in your dojo and want to track attendance with DojoExpert QR code cards. Here is how it works: the cards that you scan while offline are saved on your device to be sent later when you are online. Of course, if you are a new user you need to login while online at least once if you want to be able to work offline. After you scan the cards in offline mode the system will display the last welcome message that was displayed for scanned card. Later, when you come home or at your office where you have WiFi you can send the saved codes to the server so that attendance is marked in your DojoExpert account. As soon as you login into the app, the app will warn you if you have saved codes from offline work that needs to be sent to the server. Offline mode can work also with manual tracking with PIN. A few screenshots:   Support for other bar code types Until now we only supported QR codes, but now our scanner can read any other bar code type. If you already use bar codes to track attendance in your school and now you want to move to DojoExpert, then this feature will help you. In DojoExpert student profile page you can set custom bar code for each student so that our scanner app can recognize it and save attendance data when scanning. Other enhancements Orientation switches now works in both versions of the app. Also some bugs fixes for front/back camera switching was fixed. Hope you will enjoy using the new version!...

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Attendance tracking by PIN

By on Jan 22, 2015 in Attendance tracking, Blog |

Now you can track attendance by entering student’s PIN – UID. Access this feature by selecting “attendance” from “members” menu and then click “mobile” button – this screen is optimized for mobile devices/tablets. After you select group (class) and date and click “Track by UID” button the screen will look like this:   Your students can then enter their UID number and hit “check in” and the attendance will be marked in DojoExpert. A welcome message will appear on the screen and display due warning if exists (if you have not disabled this in settings). Student can “clear” the welcome/warning message with “clear” button. You can even set custom UIDs (PINs) if you use the “bar code” field in student details, but be aware that each student must have unique number. Instructor can also check/mark attendance by loading the attendance list by using “load list” option. This way, after everyone checked in he can check who’s in (and correct the data if needed):   TIP: create a separate login (custom user account) with only attendance permissions that you will use for attendance tracking in this way. You can create custom user logins in settings. UPDATE: for manual attendance tracking by PIN you can also use our mobile app for QR scanning. It can even work while...

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