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Online waivers

By on Feb 8, 2019 in Blog, Members management |

We are happy to introduce new feature in DojoExpert: online waivers! Waivers are documents that you need your members to sign – this can be coaching contracts, various permissions, GDPR forms or anything else that you need. Here’s how it works: You create waiver form – write your text and add placeholders for fields (if you want) that member needs to fill. You then invite your members to sign the waiver via email – they will get a link that they need to click Your members open the waiver link, read the document, fill the fields that you put and click “sign” button After clicking “sign” a popup window appears where they need to draw their signature using computer mouse (or finger if they are on tablet) After signing they can view the whole document (filled and signed). You can also send them email confirmation with link to the signed document. Now in more details how can you do this. Waivers are part of “Ultimate” plan, so if your account is in Basic or Pro you will need to upgrade to Ultimate to use them. Once in Ultimate plan find “Waivers” under “Members” menu. Add a new waiver by specifying waiver title (name). An editor will appear where you can write your waiver text. There are two types of fields that you can insert: “merge” and “insert” fields. Merge fields are fields that are pulled from DojoExpert members database, like name, address, etc. On waiver they are replaced with actual values from database. “Insert fields” are the one you create for use in waivers, and they are replaced with empty fields that member needs to fill before signing. Here’s an example: As you can see, merge field are inserted with curly brackets { and }, and insert fields are with square brackets [ and ]. To create insert fields, click “custom fields” on bottom of the page. You can crate various types, text fields, number, date or list fields, like on other places in DojoExpert where custom fields are used. As said, when members open the waiver link, they will see their data replaced on place of merge fields and entry boxes in place of insert fields, for example:...

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New scheduler

By on Dec 19, 2018 in Blog |

We updated DojoExpert scheduler! New features are: Events drag & drop Better recurrence management (more options) Updated scheduler module More different views Export functionality Better design To create an event just click on free cell. To edit, double-click on event or right-click and choose “open”. Better recurrence management is main reason why we updated the Scheduler. Now you can set different recurrence plans, and more important, you can break recurrence at any point. This is how event with weekly recurrence looks: If you create an event, for example, for weekly classes, but one week you don’t have a class for some reason, you can easily delete just that class: right-click the class in question and select “delete” and a popup will ask you if you want to delete just this occurrence or the whole series: You can share your calendar with your members as before: events that you want to be visible to your members should be marked with “public” flag. That events are then visible in student login (module or app) and also on scheduler module that you can put on your website with IFRAME code that you can find in your account under Settings/modules. Note that we updated this code – the old scheduler code is still working, but if you want to update it with new design, use the updated code from Settings/modules. Events can also be colored trough “Categories”. Find “categories” button under the Scheduler and define colors for each category. Applying event to category will display it in selected color. Events from your Scheduler can easily be exported to ICS format (choose Export button under the Scheduler) so that you can import events into Google Calendar, Outlook or any other app that supports ICS....

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New mobile app

By on Sep 9, 2018 in Attendance tracking, Blog, Members management |

We are happy to introduce our new mobile app for Android and iOS devices that will help you to run your martial art school. It includes these features: manual attendance tracking (easier then in browser) QR scan attendance tracking (like in old app) kiosk mode for attendance tracking (self check-in) member details – find, view or update members data add new member class management payments (view paid and unpaid invoices per member and add payments) belts attendance statistics leads management (view, add or convert leads) milestones and promotions requirements SMS sending Here are a few screenshots:        You can dowload the app from Google play store and iOS app store: Android: iOS: Use your existing DojoExpert username and password to login. Stay tuned for next releases (updates of the app) that will include: translations better invoicing...

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Changes in student login

By on Aug 8, 2018 in Blog, Student login |

To comply with common security standards we changed how student passwords are set. Now, in member profiles there are two buttons “reset password” and “send password”: Each member that you add in database will get a random password that you can’t see, you can only send it to your student via email if you click “send password” button – it will take you to email screen with predefined message that you can change if you want (or even save it as template for later reuse). The other button, “reset password” resets the password to new random string. So, to give someone password for student login app, use “send password” button. If someone forgets their password just click “send password” button. If you want to reset someone password (issue new password), click “reset password” button. Students can change their password after they login (“change password” button in student login app). It’s important to note that you can’t see student passwords – they are private, you can only reset them. However, there is a possibility to set default password for all new members that you add in database. If you want this to be set in your account please post a ticket in our ticketing system. This change was required to increase security of our app and privacy of your...

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GDPR features in DojoExpert

By on May 20, 2018 in Blog |

GDPR is a new data privacy law that affects organizations that process personal data of EU and UK citizens. We updated our Terms of Use and Privacy policy to comply with GDPR, and also updated DojoExpert app by adding new features that can help you to comply with this new regulation. In this post you will learn: what you need to do to comply with GDPR what we changed in DojoExpert how to handle Consents How to comply with GDPR? If you process, store or handle data of EU or UK citizens then you need to comply with GDPR. If your school is in US, Australia or other country outside EU then this regulation is not obligatory for you, but it’s recommended that you apply GDPR procedures as they will raise data safety in your organization. So here’s what you need to do in your martial art school: have Privacy policy (and/or Terms of use) of your School that explains how you use, store and process personal data of your members, collect Consent from your members where you ask your members to accept your Privacy policy and give you consent to handle their personal data as you described. You not only need to have Consent to process your members data, but also on how you can contact them (phone, email) and if you can send them marketing materials. Your members need to have the right to: know which personal data are you storing and where, withdraw Consent at any time, get a copy of data you have stored about them (in electronic format), request that you delete all their personal data. If you use DojoExpert to store your members personal data then your members need to know that. You need to inform them that their data is stored and used according to DojoExpert Terms of Use and Privacy policy (provide links to our policies).   GDPR features in DojoExpert DojoExpert can help you to comply with GDPR. Here’s what we changed in app: In member profiles there is a checkbox next to email, phone and mobile phone fields that indicates if the person gave you consent to contact them this way. On “send email” and “send SMS” pages there is a new...

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Text messaging with DojoExpert

By on May 9, 2018 in Blog |

DojoExpert integrates with BulkSMS and Clickatell for sending text messages (SMS) to your members or leads. Clickatell was already supported, but now we support their new platform by using REST API. BulkSMS is new provider that we support with their Email to SMS feature. Both require that you create account with them and buy credits for sending messages. Which one to use? Clickatell REST API enables you to send messages from DojoExpert to your members or leads. There are two types of integration: one-way and two-way. By default you send one-way, which means your messages are sent from random Clickatell number. You can’t receive replies with one-way messaging. For two-way messaging you need to purchase a long number from Clickatell (which will cost you approx. 150 USD + monthly fee – please refer to their pricing list). When you purchase a number, messages are sent from that number, and replies are also received by that number – you can read replies inside Clickatell interface. BulkSMS integration works by utilizing their “Email to SMS” feature – this means that we send your messages to their system via email (in background, you don’t have to worry about that). You can receive replies without purchasing long number – just need to specify your phone number as “sender” and any replies will arrive to your phone number. Old Clickatell integration also had email to sms possibility (Clickatel SMTP API), but this is no longer supported in their new platform (only old Clickatell customers can use this feature). We can also provide integration with AtomPark by request. Instructions on how to integrate can be found in your DojoExpert account under “SMS” menu (“setup instructions” link).  ...

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