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Text messaging with DojoExpert

By on May 9, 2018 in Blog |

DojoExpert integrates with BulkSMS and Clickatell for sending text messages (SMS) to your members or leads. Clickatell was already supported, but now we support their new platform by using REST API. BulkSMS is new provider that we support with their Email to SMS feature. Both require that you create account with them and buy credits for sending messages. Which one to use? Clickatell REST API enables you to send messages from DojoExpert to your members or leads. There are two types of integration: one-way and two-way. By default you send one-way, which means your messages are sent from random Clickatell number. You can’t receive replies with one-way messaging. For two-way messaging you need to purchase a long number from Clickatell (which will cost you approx. 150 USD + monthly fee – please refer to their pricing list). When you purchase a number, messages are sent from that number, and replies are also received by that number – you can read replies inside Clickatell interface. BulkSMS integration works by utilizing their “Email to SMS” feature – this means that we send your messages to their system via email (in background, you don’t have to worry about that). You can receive replies without purchasing long number – just need to specify your phone number as “sender” and any replies will arrive to your phone number. Old Clickatell integration also had email to sms possibility (Clickatel SMTP API), but this is no longer supported in their new platform (only old Clickatell customers can use this feature). We can also provide integration with AtomPark by request. Instructions on how to integrate can be found in your DojoExpert account under “SMS” menu (“setup instructions” link).  ...

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GoCardless integration

By on Mar 21, 2018 in Blog, Invoices and payments |

DojoExpert can be integrated with your GoCardless account. GoCardless is a UK direct debit company that can take payments directly from your members’ bank account. For now it works in UK and most European countries. GoCardless suports EUR, GBP and SEK currencies. To find out more about GoCardless, their pricing and terms of use, visit their website. What DojoExpert’s integration with GoCardless can do: Create GoCardless customers and mandates from DojoExpert Connect your members in DojoExpert with customers in GoCardless (import mandates from your GC account) Create direct debit subscriptions from DojoExpert Pay any invoice with GoCardless direct debit Creates invoices in DojoExpert and mark payments when they happen in GoCardless Handle payment failures and mandate cancelations GoCardless is available in our ULTIMATE plan only. DojoExpert does not take any commission for using GoCardless. You pay only GoCardless fees according to plan you select with them. Here’s a short tutorial on how to connect to GoCardless and work in DojoExpert: 1. Login into your GoCardless account 2. In DojoExpert go to “Settings” and click “GoCardless” tab. Click “Connect” button: This will take you to GoCardless page where you need to confirm the connection: Follow on screen instructions and return to DojoExpert Settings where you will see that you are connected (status “connected” in integrations grid): If you are already a GoCardless client and have existing customers and mandates inside your GoCardless account, then you can import them in DojoExpert if you click “import mandates” button. If you are new to GoCardless, you can skip step #3 and go to step #4. 3. Import mandates into DojoExpert When you click “show mandates from GC” button on import page, DojoExpert will connect to your GC (GoCardless) account and load all mandates that are not currently in DojoExpert. It will show you a grid where you can bind GC mandate and customer to DojoExpert member. In “bind to” column you can select to which member in DojoExpert listed mandate belongs to. Then click “bind mandates” to do the binding. 4. Create mandate from DojoExpert You need to have a mandate created in DojoExpert to be able to take payments with GoCardless from your members. Mandate is a permission to take money directly...

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Kiosk mode for self check-in

By on Nov 15, 2017 in Attendance tracking, Blog |

Attendance tracking can be simple if you are using our new “kiosk mode” self check-in screen. The idea is to open this screen on your tablet and let your students self check-in by typing their name or UID. You can pick the class for which you want to take attendance, or the student can select into which class he wants to check-in if auto-detect is selected. You can find “kiosk mode” button on attendance page: You can then select “auto detect” or specific class for which you want to do attendance: A screen with your logo and school name appears where students can type their name or UID number. A list of members appear as soon as they start typing – enabling them to select their name faster: If you selected “auto detect” and the student is enrolled in more then one group an additional select will appear enabling student to select into which class he wants to check-in: After clicking the “check in” button the student is checked in and your welcome message is displayed. If a due exists (and you’ve enabled due showing) the message will contain that info as well. The system will also display the student’s picture if you have it in the system: There is also a “clear” button to hide the displayed message and “undo” button to roll back the check-in if it was done by mistake. UPDATE July 2018: Kiosk mode is now available in our mobile app! Check it out, it’s more secure then web...

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Text messaging with AtomPark

By on Oct 12, 2017 in Blog, Messaging (Email & SMS) |

You can now use AtomPark SMS provider for sending text messages. Implementation is easy and can be done in a few minutes. AtomPark offers email and SMS sending service. This is how it works: you register for AtomPark account in AtomPark members area you enable Email2SMS feature – you will get a code to enter in DojoExpert add funds to your AtomPark account (minimum is $10, you can use PayPal or credit card) you are ready to send messages from DojoExpert (each send will consume funds from your AtomPark account) For pricing consult the AtomPark website here. They have international coverage. We don’t take any commission. Detailed instructions on how to setup AtomPark integration (with screenshots) can be found in your DojoExpert account under SMS menu. Did you know that you can send personalized SMS? In message body you can use codes like {fname} and {lname} which will later be replaced with your recipient name! You can also use SMS to send messages to your leads (select “SMS” as bulk action under leads grid). Happy messaging!...

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Lead generation forms

By on Oct 3, 2017 in Blog, Members management |

With DojoExpert you can now create forms to collect leads on your website. You can create multiple forms with different fields, text, colors, and embed the form on your website so that your visitors can register. This great feature enables you to generate more leads and manage them efficiently. You can find leads forms if you select “leads” from “members menu”: To create a new form enter the title and click “add” button. To edit existing form click “edit”: For each form you can define: form text (text which appears on top of the form) form fields (can include custom fields that you create) form colors button text and colors your email if you want to receive a notification when new lead registers email template that is used to send an email to your leads when they register (it’s done automatically) default status and source in leads database The interface looks like this: On the end of the form you will have form link and embed code. You can use the form link if you want to send it to your potential leads via email, or you can use the embed code to embed the form on your website. In above example the form looks like this: All users who use the forms will be added in your leads database which you can monitor and register further actions. Read here about leads management. You can also use advanced filtering for leads to filter your leads by any field. Find this feature on the left...

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Belt milestones

By on Sep 3, 2017 in Belts and promotions, Blog |

Milestones, steps, requirements, badges… it all means one thing: what are your students required to do to be eligible for a belt exam. In DojoExpert you can create such milestones for each belt and monitor your students on how close they are for next belt. You can mark which student achieved which milestone, and show that in student’s login app. A milestone can be anything, and you can have it as much as you need. Create milestones in your belt system by clicking the number in grid (initially zero): It will open a pop up where you can add milestones for selected belt. Just enter a descriptive name and click “Add”: After you define milestones, you can mark which student achieved which milestone. Go to “promotions”, “milestones” tab, select belt and member and hit “Load”: If a milestone is achieved enter the date when that was. To delete a milestone achievement just delete the date and click “save”. You can monitor the progress of your students in “next promotion” grid: You can also click on orange dots to update milestones for selected member. Milestones can also be updated in attendance list if you click the flag icon: Be aware that the flag icon will show only if you have set the correct art in groups setting (hold down CTRL key to select multiple arts): If you enabled “show next belt in student login” setting (find it in “settings” under “modules” tab) then your students can see their progress in student login app. Example: Milestones are just one part of belt requirements that you can set. Months of training, class attendance and age are also requirements which can be counted towards next belt....

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