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Text messaging with AtomPark

By on Oct 12, 2017 in Blog, Messaging (Email & SMS) |

You can now use AtomPark SMS provider for sending text messages. Implementation is easy and can be done in a few minutes. AtomPark offers email and SMS sending service. This is how it works: you register for AtomPark account in AtomPark members area you enable Email2SMS feature – you will get a code to enter in DojoExpert add funds to your AtomPark account (minimum is $10, you can use PayPal or credit card) you are ready to send messages from DojoExpert (each send will consume funds from your AtomPark account) For pricing consult the AtomPark website here. They have international coverage. We don’t take any commission. Detailed instructions on how to setup AtomPark integration (with screenshots) can be found in your DojoExpert account under SMS menu. Did you know that you can send personalized SMS? In message body you can use codes like {fname} and {lname} which will later be replaced with your recipient name! You can also use SMS to send messages to your leads (select “SMS” as bulk action under leads grid). Happy messaging!...

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Text messaging (SMS)

By on Apr 6, 2015 in Blog, Messaging (Email & SMS) |

We are happy to announce text messaging feature in DojoExpert. Now you can send text messages to your students mobile phones. Of course this is not free, you will need a Clickatell account with purchased credits. To setup, follow instructions in your account: select “SMS” in main menu: The interface is similar to e-mail interface. You can even use codes as you do in e-mail sending. Hope you will enjoy this new cool...

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Automated emails

By on Aug 26, 2014 in Blog, Messaging (Email & SMS) |

Now you can setup automated emails to be sent to your students in this cases: when invoice is generated when a due exists for specified number of days when the invoice is paid on student’s birthday when the students misses a specified number of classes when student joins your school. All these “triggers” can be set if you go to “emails” and select “auto email” on the left menu. Before you set the triggers, you need to have email templates ready to use with those triggers. So, you will need to create a few email templates in “email” section (depending on how many triggers you want to add) with appropriate codes inserted. Sending email when invoice is created You can set that an e-mail notification is sent to the student when the system generates invoice for him (manually or automatically). First create an e-mail template. You can use new email codes “{lastinvoice}” – to display generated invoice amount, and “{lastinvoicepaypal}” to create a PayPal payment link for that last invoice. This way your students can pay the invoice via PayPal (you must enable PayPal integration in settings) directly by clicking the link that they receive in e-mail. If you have automatic invoice generation feature on (read more here), the emails are sent immediately after the invoice is generated by the system. If you don’t generate invoices automatically, the emails are sent after you generate them by clicking the “generate invoices” button in “invoices” page. After your template is ready, you go to “auto email” page and setup the trigger. You select “On invoice created” trigger and the template you created. You can track the sent emails in “sent” page or in history in “emails” page. They will marked with “[auto]” in the subject – meaning they ware generated and sent by the trigger you have set. Sending due notifications automatically If you want to warn your students about a due they have, you can set the “On invoice due” trigger. You will need to prepare a template probably with “{tdue}” code to display the total due amount. This trigger requires an extra parameter – the number of days due – meaning, after how many days (X), counting from last...

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