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Invoices and payments

GoCardless integration

By on Mar 21, 2018 in Blog, Invoices and payments |

DojoExpert can be integrated with your GoCardless account. GoCardless is a UK direct debit company that can take payments directly from your members’ bank account. For now it works in UK and most European countries. GoCardless suports EUR, GBP and SEK currencies. To find out more about GoCardless, their pricing and terms of use, visit their website. What DojoExpert’s integration with GoCardless can do: Create GoCardless customers and mandates from DojoExpert Connect your members in DojoExpert with customers in GoCardless (import mandates from your GC account) Create direct debit subscriptions from DojoExpert Pay any invoice with GoCardless direct debit Creates invoices in DojoExpert and mark payments when they happen in GoCardless Handle payment failures and mandate cancelations GoCardless is available in our ULTIMATE plan only. DojoExpert does not take any commission for using GoCardless. You pay only GoCardless fees according to plan you select with them. Here’s a short tutorial on how to connect to GoCardless and work in DojoExpert: 1. Login into your GoCardless account 2. In DojoExpert go to “Settings” and click “GoCardless” tab. Click “Connect” button: This will take you to GoCardless page where you need to confirm the connection: Follow on screen instructions and return to DojoExpert Settings where you will see that you are connected (status “connected” in integrations grid): If you are already a GoCardless client and have existing customers and mandates inside your GoCardless account, then you can import them in DojoExpert if you click “import mandates” button. If you are new to GoCardless, you can skip step #3 and go to step #4. 3. Import mandates into DojoExpert When you click “show mandates from GC” button on import page, DojoExpert will connect to your GC (GoCardless) account and load all mandates that are not currently in DojoExpert. It will show you a grid where you can bind GC mandate and customer to DojoExpert member. In “bind to” column you can select to which member in DojoExpert listed mandate belongs to. Then click “bind mandates” to do the binding. 4. Create mandate from DojoExpert You need to have a mandate created in DojoExpert to be able to take payments with GoCardless from your members. Mandate is a permission to take money directly...

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Credit card processing with Stripe

By on May 28, 2017 in Blog, Invoices and payments |

With DojoExpert you can now accept credit cards! We integrated with Stripe, one of most popular payment processors which operates in more then 25 countries worldwide. Sign up for Stripe account and you are ready to integrate with your DojoExpert account. Here we will guide you how to: setup Stripe pay invoices with credit cards (in DojoExpert or in student area) enable credit card payments in webshop charge your students automatically with Stripe subscriptions Stripe is not free, a transaction fee applies (by Stripe). But there is no extra cost when integrating with DojoExpert (we don’t collect any extra fees, the money goes directly to your Stripe account). Setup Stripe Stripe integration is part of our ULTIMATE plan. If your account is not in ULTIMATE plan you will need to upgrade (you can do this anytime and pay only price difference – go to “settings”, “account info” tab and click “upgrade” link). To connect your Stripe account with DojoExpert go to “Settings” in DojoExpert and click “Stripe” tab. Here you need to enter Stripe public and secret keys: You can find these keys inside your Stripe account under “API” menu: After you’ve added the keys you will get the “Webhook” URL which you need to paste inside “Webhook” tab in Stripe: Make sure that you select only “invoice.payment_succeeded” and “invoice.payment_failed” events in webhook settings. And you are done, you and your students can now use credit cards to make payments. Pay invoices with credit cards You can pay any invoice with a credit card. Just open the invoice and click “pay” button. You will notice new “pay with stripe” button: Click it and Stripe popup will appear in which you can enter credit card details: After clicking “pay” button money is taken from the credit card and transferred to your Stripe account. DojoExpert registers this payment by closing the invoice and adding revenue in your “Costs & revenues” inside DojoExpert. Any invoice can be paid this way – it’s a real Point Of Sale (POS) system now! Students can pay within members area “Pay with credit card” button is also available in members area (student login). They can login with their UID and password and pay invoices with their...

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Financial planning

By on May 16, 2017 in Blog, Invoices and payments |

New feature in DojoExpert: create financial plans and monitor realization! You can plan your revenues and expenses for different transaction types and group them as you want. Find “financial plans” under “Finance” menu and try it out. Here’s an example: On the same page, in left menu you can find two reports: “financial plan” – for printing plans, and “financial plan realization” – which will tell you what’s the realization according to your plan. Example: To group your transaction types (costs and revenues) you need to go to “Settings” under “Finance” menu. Notice “code” and “group” columns which you can use. To create groups select “manage groups” button: Hope this new feature will help you manage your dojo more efficiently....

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Send invoices via Email

By on Jan 19, 2017 in Blog, Invoices and payments |

You can now email invoices to your students in two ways! One, by manually selecting invoices that you would like to send, or two, by using automated emailing and “OnInvoiceCreated” trigger. Let’s explain, it’s easy: Selecting invoices and emailing them Go to “invoices”, select which one would you like to send (or select all) and then select bulk action “send email” below the grid:   Clicking “go” button will redirect you to email screen with default message which includes code {invoicelink}. You can of course change the email text and create your own styling, but the point is in using the {invoicelink} code which will be replaced with an actual link to the invoice once the email is sent. Your student will receive the direct link to invoice (not the invoice in attachment). By clicking the link in his email client will be able to view the invoice in his browser and it will look exactly as you see it in DojoExpert when you click on the “print invoice”: If you have enabled PayPal payment processing in your DojoExpert account then inside the above invoice there will be a “Pay with PayPal” link so that your students can pay the invoice with PayPal. More about PayPal integration. Using auto-email to send invoices automatically If you want that your invoices are sent to students automatically when they are created you can use automated emailing feature and “OnInvoiceCreated” trigger. The only difference from previous example is in code used: you now need to use {lastinvoicelink} code in your email template which will be replaced with direct link to invoice. Happy invoicing! 😉...

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Quick start guide

By on Jul 25, 2016 in Attendance tracking, Blog, Invoices and payments, Members management |

Welcome to DojoExpert! Through this guide you will learn some basic steps on how to manage your school with the help of DojoExpert. After you read this short guide you will be able to: add members create classes track attendance create invoices and mark payments Let’s start! Adding members To add members to your database you need to go to “members” page of course 🙂 First name, last name and dojo are required fields when adding new members: “Dojo” can be a location or a school branch. If you don’t have multiple branches, then put all your members in default “head dojo”. If you want you can change dojos (like update its name, add new ones, maybe delete existing etc.) you can do it in settings: Back to members management. When you add new member, you will be redirected to member’s profile page where you can fill other data (if you want). All fields are optional, you don’t need to fill them if you don’t need them. After any changes, click “save” button. Some of important points on a member’s profile are marked on this screenshot: If you have a lot of members in excel or csv file you can send the file to us and we can do the import for you. Classes Classes in DojoExpert are called “Groups”. So, after you add a few members you can group them into groups. In main menu select “members” and then select “groups & classes” on the drop down list. Groups are defined per dojo, so first you need select the dojo in which you want to add groups (if you have more than one dojo). Name your groups as you wish, e.g. “beginners class”. Groups can be used for various things, not just to form a class, so if the group you’ve created is a class make sure to check the “is class” setting: After you have created groups (classes) you can add (enroll) members in. You can do this here on this screen, or in member’s profile screen. One member can be enrolled in multiple groups if you want. When enrolling a member you can specify the subscription package and start date: You will learn more on subscription packages...

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New options in payments management

By on Jul 11, 2016 in Blog, Invoices and payments |

Updated “add payments” screen will now enable you to: select multiple members to add multiple payments at once create add-hoc invoices for add-hoc payments – for one or multiple members at once add payment to close first open invoice – for one or multiple members at once add payments that match invoice amount easier to work on mobile device because of new design Let’s see how this looks like. In “members” dropdown look for “find” option (first on the list) to switch to multiple members selection. Start typing the name of member to select it. You can add more then one if you want: If you select one member the “invoice” dropdown will list current open invoices (unpaid). If you select more than one, the “invoice” dropdown will contain 3 options: New – if you want to create new invoice and immediately close it (mark as paid). First match by amount – enter amount of payment and the system will close first invoice that match’s that amount First open – adds payment to first open invoice that it finds The above options are available for one or multiple members selection. If you select “new” option, notice the “description” field where you can enter the invoice item description. Invoices created this way will have only one item with specified description and entered amount. Add payments from attendance screen If you use manual attendance tracking it’s convenient to add payments from attendance list by just selecting it. The attendance screen have 2 icons: first to enter member details, and second to enter payment screen: After clicking this icon the browser will take to the “add payment” screen with preselected member and the invoice (if any). Add payments by selecting invoices from the list Just to remind you that you can add payments by selecting invoices from invoice list. Go to “invoices” in the main menu and select invoices that you want to close (add payment). Under the grid find “pay” option and click “go”: We hope that these various options on managing payments will make your life easier 🙂  ...

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