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Belt milestones

By on Sep 3, 2017 in Belts and promotions, Blog |

Milestones, steps, requirements, badges… it all means one thing: what are your students required to do to be eligible for a belt exam. In DojoExpert you can create such milestones for each belt and monitor your students on how close they are for next belt. You can mark which student achieved which milestone, and show that in student’s login app. A milestone can be anything, and you can have it as much as you need. Create milestones in your belt system by clicking the number in grid (initially zero): It will open a pop up where you can add milestones for selected belt. Just enter a descriptive name and click “Add”: After you define milestones, you can mark which student achieved which milestone. Go to “promotions”, “milestones” tab, select belt and member and hit “Load”: If a milestone is achieved enter the date when that was. To delete a milestone achievement just delete the date and click “save”. You can monitor the progress of your students in “next promotion” grid: You can also click on orange dots to update milestones for selected member. Milestones can also be updated in attendance list if you click the flag icon: Be aware that the flag icon will show only if you have set the correct art in groups setting (hold down CTRL key to select multiple arts): If you enabled “show next belt in student login” setting (find it in “settings” under “modules” tab) then your students can see their progress in student login app. Example: Milestones are just one part of belt requirements that you can set. Months of training, class attendance and age are also requirements which can be counted towards next belt....

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Print belt certificates

By on Aug 29, 2017 in Belts and promotions, Blog |

You can create and print belt certificates directly from DojoExpert! We’ve prepared a few beautiful templates which you can edit and use, but you can also create your own design. Find the interface under “Achievements” menu. Here is how it works: After you enter promotion data for your members you can print certificates for all members on selected promotion date. You can select one of our predefined templates or you can create your own After you make changes in template text (if you want), click on “Merge and print” button to generate PDF file Print your certificates from PDF Here’s a screenshot of the interface and a few explanations:   Create your own certificate design If you select “new template” from template dropdown you can create your own certificate design. Notice the lines inside editor – that’s HTML table in which you add text, images and all other things which you need. The most important task is to add a background image that represents your design (which you have created in Photoshop or  downloaded from web :)). You do this by setting background image on HTML table – right click inside table and select “Table properties”: Then click on image icon to upload the image file and click “ok”: Note that the image will be stretched to table size. Use images of higher size (more then 1000px in width) for best results. If you need to position some items left or right on your certificate you can use another HTML table (add a table inside a table). Click “insert table” icon inside the editor. Also you can add other images like logos etc. You can insert “merge fields” by selecting “merge field” within editor. Merge fields are placeholders for data from database. Example: {fname} is a placeholder for first name. After you click “merge and print” these placeholders will be replaced from real value from database. This way you can create more then one certificate for all members who passed the belt exam and have them in one PDF file. You can print your certificates from PDF file – each certificate is on a separate page, so you can print just specific pages if you need. You can also create certificate...

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Belt exams and promotions – manage them easily

By on Jul 12, 2016 in Belts and promotions, Blog |

In this tutorial we will highlight  the features of DojoExpert that can help you with belt promotions. In short, here’s what you can do with DojoExpert: set belt requirements find out who is eligible for belt testing send exam invitations via email to all or selected members set grading parameters per belt promote multiple members with one click Setting belts requirements This is an old feature of DojoExpert, but just to remind you how it works. Go to “belts” and then “belt system” in main menu. For each belt you can specify: required months – how many months must pass since last promotion to be eligible for testing required attendance – how many classes a student must attend to be eligible for testing required age – what is the minimum age for particular belt (in years) other requirements – if you have any other requirements you can write them down here All these requirements can be visible to students in student login area (mobile app or website module) – you need to enable this in settings. More about this feature read here. Who is eligible for next belt testing? Based on requirements you have set in previous step, DojoExpert will tell you who meets the requirements and who doesn’t (other requirements are not taken into account, as they are just descriptive text). In main menu select “Belts” -> “Promotions”, and then “Next promotion” tab. Click “load” button to load the student table. In this table (screenshot below) you can also see how close is someone to meet the requirements. E.g. in above screenshot there are two students who have white belt and one of them is eligible for yellow belt based on set requirements. Kevin Berry meets all requirements except the attendance – he attended 60 classes, but 70 is the minimum for yellow belt – that’s the 60/70 ratio in grid. Other ratios follows the same logic: first number is current achievement and second is requirement. Regardless of eligibility, you can promote anyone anytime, it’s up to you. Send exam invitations via email On previous screenshot notice that you can select rows and perform bulk actions – notice “with selected” command under the grid. Find “email” option and click “go”. It...

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Belts requirements update

By on Mar 28, 2016 in Belts and promotions, Blog |

Belt requirements can now be visible in student login module and in an mobile app (Android only). Beside basic requirements like months of training, number of classes attended and age requirement, now you can specify custom requirements in textual form. Open belt system screen from main menu and notice new column “other requirements”: Click open link and new window will popup with a text editor where you can enter conditions for each belt. To show the requirements inside student login you need to enable it under “settings”, “modules” tab: Basic requirements will be shown as a table and custom requirements as text: We hope this feature will help you improve communication between you and your students regarding the belt requirements topics even...

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Belts upgrade

By on Jun 18, 2015 in Belts and promotions, Blog |

We upgraded the belt system to better support attendance requirements for belts and styles. Now you can specify more styles in group (class) setting. For each group you can specify multiple styles. E.g. if you teach two styles, karate and kickboxing, you can specify at the group level these styles: Hold down CTRL key to select multiple styles when editing group. Why is this important? If you have attendance requirements set in belt settings, then the system will count attendance toward next belt only from those groups where the selected style is set. Here’s an example:   Selecting “kickboxing” in above example and hitting “load list” button will show you attendance counts (ratios) only from “kickboxing” groups (you can have many of them). To remind you, the “attendance ratio” 37/24 in above example means that the member Robert Delarosa attended 37 classes of kickboxing from his last belt promotion (08/01/2014) until today – and the requirement for next belt (yellow) is 24 classes – so he is eligible to test for next belt (yellow). Don’t forget that you can also have groups (classes) that doesn’t count toward belt attendance requirements. For these groups you unset the “count att” flag in group...

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Belts management updated

By on Aug 1, 2014 in Belts and promotions, Blog |

We are excited to announce new feature in belts management – multiple belts system can now be defined! If your school offers multiple martial arts programs, now you can define belts for each style that you teach. The belts settings interface now looks like this: Also, since one member can hold more then one belt (from different MA styles), we dropped the belt field out from member details screen and added the ability to add belts directly in member details interface: In members list the belt field will now show the last belt achieved (if a member holds more then one belt from different...

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