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Update: Belt sizes and medical exams

By on Feb 15, 2012 in Belts and promotions, Blog |

Here’s a small but very useful new features: belt sizes and medical exam expiration! When you perpare for belt exam in your dojo you often need to order new belts for your members. With DojoExpert this task is now easier. Save belt size per member in your members database, and when hiting “load list” in “belts – next promotion” section you will get a table that sums all colors and belts sizes that you need for next exam. Next new feature is medical exam expiration date. Many clubs needs to have medical exam for their members that are valid for some period of time. Now you can enter this date in your members database and the system will remind you 14 days before the record expires. Check out the...

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Improved belts and exams management

By on Feb 10, 2012 in Belts and promotions, Blog |

We are very excited to introduce you to this major update in our sofware! Finaly, with DojoExpert you can save all relevant data about belts, exams, belt requirements and grades. No matter what are your exam strucutre, our system is flexible enough to support various requirements. So, lets start with introduction to our news, step by step. Belt order and requirements The first thing you will notice when entering belts settings is some new columns in belts table: First, we simplified the belts and removed the kyu/dan and rank settings – now they are specified in one column “color”. Next, we added the “order” column in which you can specify the order of belts – so that system knows which belt is next/previous. Why is this important, you will see later. Then you will see two new columns: “required months” and “required attendance”. Here you can specify your reqirements for next belt testing that your members must meet before taking the test. You can set it both, none or just one. E.g., in test account, ┬áto get green belt, the member is required to wear red belt for 6 months and to attend a minimum of 48 training sessions (since last belt testing for red belt). In ┬áthis example, for white belt there are no requirements (anyone can be promoted to this belt). Next promotion – who have met the requirements? To see who is eligable to be promoted to next belt, go to “belts” page. There you can see a little change in page design. Now you have 2 tabs: “past promotions” and “next promotion”. The past promotion table is already familiar to you, but click the “next promotion” tab and then the “load list” button and the system will load the list of members with requirements data that looks like this: Here you can see which members did met the requirements that you set in “belts settings” for their next belt (based on belt ordering you set). You can also see the current belt of member and the date of promotion. In this example, the months ratio for Butts Eugene is 3.93/3 which means that it has been passed 3.93 months since last belt exam (10/12/2011) and...

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