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Online waivers

By on Feb 8, 2019 in Blog, Members management |

We are happy to introduce new feature in DojoExpert: online waivers! Waivers are documents that you need your members to sign – this can be coaching contracts, various permissions, GDPR forms or anything else that you need. Here’s how it works: You create waiver form – write your text and add placeholders for fields (if you want) that member needs to fill. You then invite your members to sign the waiver via email – they will get a link that they need to click Your members open the waiver link, read the document, fill the fields that you put and click “sign” button After clicking “sign” a popup window appears where they need to draw their signature using computer mouse (or finger if they are on tablet) After signing they can view the whole document (filled and signed). You can also send them email confirmation with link to the signed document. Now in more details how can you do this. Waivers are part of “Ultimate” plan, so if your account is in Basic or Pro you will need to upgrade to Ultimate to use them. Once in Ultimate plan find “Waivers” under “Members” menu. Add a new waiver by specifying waiver title (name). An editor will appear where you can write your waiver text. There are two types of fields that you can insert: “merge” and “insert” fields. Merge fields are fields that are pulled from DojoExpert members database, like name, address, etc. On waiver they are replaced with actual values from database. “Insert fields” are the one you create for use in waivers, and they are replaced with empty fields that member needs to fill before signing. Here’s an example: As you can see, merge field are inserted with curly brackets { and }, and insert fields are with square brackets [ and ]. To create insert fields, click “custom fields” on bottom of the page. You can crate various types, text fields, number, date or list fields, like on other places in DojoExpert where custom fields are used. As said, when members open the waiver link, they will see their data replaced on place of merge fields and entry boxes in place of insert fields, for example:...

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New mobile app

By on Sep 9, 2018 in Attendance tracking, Blog, Members management |

We are happy to introduce our new mobile app for Android and iOS devices that will help you to run your martial art school. It includes these features: manual attendance tracking (easier then in browser) QR scan attendance tracking (like in old app) kiosk mode for attendance tracking (self check-in) member details – find, view or update members data add new member class management payments (view paid and unpaid invoices per member and add payments) belts attendance statistics leads management (view, add or convert leads) milestones and promotions requirements SMS sending Here are a few screenshots:        You can dowload the app from Google play store and iOS app store: Android: iOS: Use your existing DojoExpert username and password to login. Stay tuned for next releases (updates of the app) that will include: translations better invoicing...

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Lead generation forms

By on Oct 3, 2017 in Blog, Members management |

With DojoExpert you can now create forms to collect leads on your website. You can create multiple forms with different fields, text, colors, and embed the form on your website so that your visitors can register. This great feature enables you to generate more leads and manage them efficiently. You can find leads forms if you select “leads” from “members menu”: To create a new form enter the title and click “add” button. To edit existing form click “edit”: For each form you can define: form text (text which appears on top of the form) form fields (can include custom fields that you create) form colors button text and colors your email if you want to receive a notification when new lead registers email template that is used to send an email to your leads when they register (it’s done automatically) default status and source in leads database The interface looks like this: On the end of the form you will have form link and embed code. You can use the form link if you want to send it to your potential leads via email, or you can use the embed code to embed the form on your website. In above example the form looks like this: All users who use the forms will be added in your leads database which you can monitor and register further actions. Read here about leads management. You can also use advanced filtering for leads to filter your leads by any field. Find this feature on the left...

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Map your members

By on Aug 3, 2017 in Blog, Members management |

Now you can plot your members on a map and see where they are located! Your school is marked with a blue marker, active students with a green, inactive red, unsubscribed gray and instructors with a yellow marker. You can find this map in “reports” section under “members” menu. Here’s an example: All markers are clickable – it will show you member’s name and address with a link to his/her profile. Updating geolocations Map will show only members for which you have set the address and city in member details. If you have a lot of members, loading the map for the first time can take some time because the system needs to look for geolocation points (latitude and longitude) for all addresses you have in database. So, if this screen pops up, just follow the instructions and be patient while the system finds all points on the map (this is done only once, the first time you load the map): Resolving issues If some points on the map are not correct please edit the member’s address and city. Maybe some streets exist in more than one city and adding correct city, province or city block inside address fields can help to put the marker on the right spot. If you don’t see your school (blue marker) on the map then probably you did not set the address of the school inside “settings”/”school info” tab (or the address is invalid and can’t be found). The same goes for dojos – if you have more than one dojo, in order to show it on the map go to “settings”, “dojo” tab and set the address data. Please note that we are using Google maps API to find geolocation points. Maps are not perfect and some points, especially in rural areas can’t be displayed. If you need help with resolving any issue on your map, contact...

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Advanced members filtering

By on Mar 5, 2017 in Blog, Members management |

You can filter your members database by any field – including any custom field that you add. To access advanced filtering, go to “members” and find “advanced filtering” link on the left menu (under “grid options”). The interface looks like this: You can add multiple criteria based on standard DojoExpert fields or your own fields that you add in “custom fields”. The results are displayed in grid where you can select multiple rows and perform two bulk actions: email or enroll into group. It is convenient to create groups and use this advanced filtering options to add members into group so that you can run various reports that are group based. If you have ideas for more bulk actions that can be useful in this scenario, let us...

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Leads management

By on Aug 2, 2016 in Blog, Members management |

New leads update in DojoExpert. Find “Leads” under “Members” in main menu and access this feature which will help you to keep track of your leads – or potential members to your school. In this short guide you will learn: what are leads and lead sources how to add leads types of leads how to convert a lead to a member how to run lead reports how to send emails to leads First, before adding your first lead you need to add some lead sources to your account. Here are a few examples, but you can add whatever you want: Then go “back to leads” and click “add” button on the top of the page to add a lead. Notice the “status” drop down with 3 options: active (lead with potential to convert) lost (not interested or any other reason) converted (became a member) When adding leads you will probably select “active” and later when you work on your leads, you can change this status. The interface looks like this: A lead can be converted to a member by clicking “convert to member” button. This will copy existing data to a new member’s profile where you can manage the new member. Status will be changed to “converted”. Leads list will color your leads based on status:   Any action you take with a lead you can write into “add action” section. E.g. when you call them you want to put a note of that. On the leads list in “last action” column you will see the last entry in actions for that lead. You can also send an email to all or just selected leads. Select leads with check boxes in grid and select “email” in drop down below the grid. This will take you to the email form where you can write and send your email. There is also a Leads report to which you can access if you want to see your stats. And a chart on the dashboard:   If you want to create lead generation forms read about this feature here....

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