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Take photos with your iPad or Android

By on Jul 26, 2016 in Blog, Members management |

Now you can take photos of your members and save them into DojoExpert directly from your iPad/iPhone or Android device! Access the camera of your device, and if the photo you took is not rotated correctly, click “rotate image” command (in some cases you need to click it more times to rotate to the right position – it depends on how you hold your device)....

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Quick start guide

By on Jul 25, 2016 in Attendance tracking, Blog, Invoices and payments, Members management |

Welcome to DojoExpert! Through this guide you will learn some basic steps on how to manage your school with the help of DojoExpert. After you read this short guide you will be able to: add members create classes track attendance create invoices and mark payments Let’s start! Adding members To add members to your database you need to go to “members” page of course 🙂 First name, last name and dojo are required fields when adding new members: “Dojo” can be a location or a school branch. If you don’t have multiple branches, then put all your members in default “head dojo”. If you want you can change dojos (like update its name, add new ones, maybe delete existing etc.) you can do it in settings: Back to members management. When you add new member, you will be redirected to member’s profile page where you can fill other data (if you want). All fields are optional, you don’t need to fill them if you don’t need them. After any changes, click “save” button. Some of important points on a member’s profile are marked on this screenshot: If you have a lot of members in excel or csv file you can send the file to us and we can do the import for you. Classes Classes in DojoExpert are called “Groups”. So, after you add a few members you can group them into groups. In main menu select “members” and then select “groups & classes” on the drop down list. Groups are defined per dojo, so first you need select the dojo in which you want to add groups (if you have more than one dojo). Name your groups as you wish, e.g. “beginners class”. Groups can be used for various things, not just to form a class, so if the group you’ve created is a class make sure to check the “is class” setting: After you have created groups (classes) you can add (enroll) members in. You can do this here on this screen, or in member’s profile screen. One member can be enrolled in multiple groups if you want. When enrolling a member you can specify the subscription package and start date: You will learn more on subscription packages...

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Fields with expiration date

By on May 30, 2016 in Blog, Members management |

Martial arts schools often need to store expiration dates per member for various things such as license expiration date. To keep track of this kind of data DojoExpert now offers expiration fields which you can create and use in your members database. Also there is a reminder 10 days before expiration and a report with various options to list expiration data per member. Here’s an example: Let’s say you need “license expiration” field in your members database. You first create such field under “custom fields” with type of “date” and “expiration field” option on. After you created the field, enter members profile to store data for each member:   Now you can run “expiration fields” report which you can find under “custom fields” on the left menu. This report is able to list data that expired or will expire in 10, 20 or 30 days: There is also a reminder on your dashboard which will remind you if you have anything expiring in the next 10 days. This option will link you to the report above. A small add-on, but very...

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New opportunities for associations

By on Dec 1, 2015 in Blog, Members management |

From now on DojoExpert can be used to run multiple schools with one account. Data (members, finances, etc.) can now be separated for each “dojo” (“Dojo” is location, branch or “subschool”) and multiple logins can be created for each dojo with access only to the selected dojo data. Master account has access to all data, but subaccounts (dojos) have access only to its data. This is suitable for federations (associations) which need to have an easy way of managing associated schools and their members. Members of different dojos can cross-train in other dojos, and these events can be created by master account (federation) where all dojo members will be able to subscribe. Emails can be sent by federation to all members, etc. Pricing One DojoExpert account can by default manage up to 5 schools. If you need more then 5 dojos, you will need to purchase extra. The cost of each additional dojo is -50% of the cost of the selected plan. We also offer volume discounts. Contact us for more details....

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Tutorial: How to create a web form to collect leads

By on Aug 24, 2015 in Blog, Events and registrations, Members management |

This tutorial is out of date – there is a better way to create leads generation forms! —————————————————————————————– This tutorial will introduce you to the event registration system in DojoExpert. You will be able to: create registration form create fields for registration form embed the form on your website manage registered users Let’s start. Our registration form will be used to collect leads on our test school website ( First, we need to create form fields which we want to use. First name, last name and email are by default included in every form, so we just need to add fields which we are missing. In our example we will create these three additional fields: Phone number Time to call (enabling users to select time convenient to call them back). How did you hear about us (list type) To create the fields we need to click on the “registrations” in main menu and then on the “custom fields” in the left menu. The “phone number” field will be of type “text”, and we will map it to “phone number” field that exists in DojoExpert database: This mapping will enable us to easily convert the lead to member (student) – if we will want that in future. Next field, “time to call”, will be of type “list” – meaning the user will need to select something from the list. We will specify these values in this list: morning, noon, evening. You specify them by separating them with comma: Since we don’t have this field in DojoExpert (we can add it if we want to), we won’t map it. And third field is “how did you hear about us”. If we want to keep this info after we convert the lead to member, we will need to create a member field for that. Go to “members” and then select “fields” on the left menu. The interface looks similar. We created a field called “lead source” with list type and items as on screenshot: Then, we go back to “registration fields” and add a new field by selecting “lead source”. This will preselect mapping and populate other required fields, you just need to click “add” button. Also, we have changed the default “lead source”...

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New feature: metrics & measurements

By on Dec 18, 2014 in Blog, Members management |

If you need to take some performance measurements of your students, DojoExpert now can help you to store them and get insight into some basic statistics. You can create your own metrics (numerical) and then record the values per student and date. Find this new feature under “Members” on left menu. Adding a metric is simple, you just provide a name: You can add as many metrics as you like. After that, go to “measurements” and add a measurement. For each measurement you need select the metric, member and date taken: Then it’s easy to see some statistics with our reports: Metrics and measurements are also visible in Student login: If you have any suggestions on how to make this feature even better, write to...

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