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Group members by family

By on Aug 8, 2014 in Blog, Members management |

We updated family grouping in DojoExpert! Now, members of same family will have only one invoice created when billing for subscriptions. To group members by family go to “Members” and select “Family” on the left menu. You can create a new family by specifing the name and main member. The main member is the member who will be billed for all subscriptions of all members of this particular family. ¬†You can add as many members as you like by clicking “members” link. You can also specify the family role for each member (e.g. “sister”, “father”, “step brother”, “parent” etc.) The interface is simple: The family membership can be also specified in member details screen, so that later, when you add member to the database you don’t have to switch screens: And when you generate invoices for subscriptions, all members of the same family will be grouped into one invoice: To list all families and their members you can use the “family” report: In above screenshots we have only one family, but you can add as many as you like. Hope you will like this new feature! If you would like to group members by family, but don’t want to group invoices, just don’t set the “main member”. Also, when “main member” is specified, and all dues go to his invoice, the system will not show any dues for family members on scanning the QR code card or in any other report. The due will be shown only for the “main member”. You can avoid this by going to “settins”, “invoices” and check the “show dues for all family members” flag. This way, the invoices will be grouped, but the due will be split by members in...

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Custom fields finally there!

By on Jul 11, 2012 in Blog, Members management |

As many customers requested, we added custom fields to members database! Now you can define your own fields, textual, numerical, dates or lists! It’s easy and simple! Here’s an example from our test account: Once defined, in members details screen click “other data” tab and here are your fields, ready to be populated: So simple and useful! Reports on custom fields are our next challenge. Stay...

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Print members cards!

By on Apr 20, 2012 in Blog, Members management |

Now you can print cards for your members directly from DojoExpert manager. Choose one of predifined color design and generate the members cards. The cards will have members picture and your club logo! If you have PRO account and are using QR code for attendance tracking, you can use these cards for front face of your QR code...

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