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Changes in student login

By on Aug 8, 2018 in Blog, Student login |

To comply with common security standards we changed how student passwords are set. Now, in member profiles there are two buttons “reset password” and “send password”: Each member that you add in database will get a random password that you can’t see, you can only send it to your student via email if you click “send password” button – it will take you to email screen with predefined message that you can change if you want (or even save it as template for later reuse). The other button, “reset password” resets the password to new random string. So, to give someone password for student login app, use “send password” button. If someone forgets their password just click “send password” button. If you want to reset someone password (issue new password), click “reset password” button. Students can change their password after they login (“change password” button in student login app). It’s important to note that you can’t see student passwords – they are private, you can only reset them. However, there is a possibility to set default password for all new members that you add in database. If you want this to be set in your account please post a ticket in our ticketing system. This change was required to increase security of our app and privacy of your...

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DojoLogin for iOS and Windows Phone

By on Jul 11, 2015 in Blog, Student login |

We are happy to announce that after Android version, we now have DojoLogin mobile app for iOS and Windows phone. DojoLogin is a free mobile app that allows student login. Your students can login with UID and password (that you set) and check their data: attendance, invoices, belts, calendar, etc. Download DojoLogin and try it out!...

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