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Custom fields

on Apr 8, 2015

How to create a new field?

You have to click on the Custom fields option which you will find under Members on the main menu. There, you can specify the name of additional data you need, and the type of format in which you will record it (number, text, list values or dates):

Once you add a new field, you will be able to insert data in it by going on the details of each member.

An exception here is the “List values” format, this type does not allow you to write the data you need in the details of your members, you can only choose between different values you have previously created there. So here, step 1 is to select the “List values”. Step 2 is to type all the values you think you will need in the additional field which will appear next to the “List Values”, and step 3 is to select the “Add” button.

Also, although you have the option of adding new values later on by selecting the “Edit” button of the field you want to change,

you can’t delete those values that you wrote when you created this field. You can add new ones, but  not delete or change existing.