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New feature: event calendar

on Nov 4, 2011

With DojoExpert you can now save and manage your schedule! This new feature enables you to save events like classes, tournaments, seminars, belt exams etc. so that you can always be up-to-date. For every event you can save:
– event name
– event description
– start date/time
– end date/time
– is class (yes/no)
– is recurring (yes/no)
If the event is training class then you can manage attendance directly from scheduler. You can even set weekly recurrence until some date – this is useful for your class times, insert only once, and recurrence repeats it on every week.

How to use scheduler

Here is a small tutorial on how to use our scheduler. The first screen that you see when you visit scheduler is this:

The current week is displayed with events (if you have them) in this week. If you want to display some other week, click desirable day on the small calendar on the left. To help you, the small calendar highlits the days which have events.

How to add an event

Click on desirable free cells on weekly calendar. On the left, below small calendar, a form pops up:

The insert event form has allready filled the start and end fields, depending on where did you click on the weekly calendar. Enter event title and description if you want and click “add” link. You will see the new event in weekly view on the right.

How to view and/or change event details

Click on event and below the small calendar the edit form will apear. Here you can read details about this event and change/delete them if you want.

How to setup class schedule with repetitions

First you need to determine start and end dates for your class. Think of this in terms of a season or year. For instance, if you season starts on 9/1/2011 and ends 6/15/2012 you can enter 9/1/2011 as your start and end date (no matter if this date allready passed and we are in november now). Use the same date for “start” and “end” field but the time is different ofcourse, depending on how long your class takes. After this, check “is class” checkbox. This would show two dropdown list below where you can set dojo and group of this class. This information the scheduler uses to manage attendance. You will see this later. Next, click “is recurring weekly” checkbox. This would show a textbox where you enter the ending date until this event must appear in weekly schedule. Here you can use your season end date, but it is better to use the exact date of last class session. Here is how our example looks like:

Repeat this for every group you have, so that your schedule be complete.

How to manage attendance inside scheduler

After you setup class schedule with repetitions (weekly recurrence) you can easy manage attendance. Click on class event and on the left in edit event form will be a link “attendance”. Click on it and you will get the attendance grid where you can check your students in.