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What can offer DojoExpert?

on Aug 22, 2011

Imagine a tool that can tell you:

  • What is the structure of your members by age, sex, rank (belt), duration of membership, what is  the “give up” rate of your members and average statistical values of any numeric data?
  • What are the factors that influences unsubscription and giving up of martial art
  • What is the probability that some member will unsubscribe
  • What are the competition results of your dojo in given period, how many gold, silver and bronze medals have you collected?
  • Who is the best competitor in a given period and in wich discipline or category
  • How many medals have you won this year, and how are you doing comparing to previous years
  • How many money have you spent in a given period
  • How is your dojo performing financialy compared to past
  • What costs should you cut down