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Integrate with your website

With our modules you can show some data you enter in DojoExpert on your website. This integration is very useful, it enriches your dojo website and you don’t need to enter the informations twice. You can put the module anywhere on your website.
Here are the list of modules that are available:

Members module

With this module you can show the list of your members with profile pictures you uploaded in DojoExpert manager. Ofcourse, you can control which members do you want to show. In fact, the list is a list of your members profiles. When you click on the picture you are taken to profile page where are all competition results of this member. Here is the example how this looks:

Results module

This module shows all results grouped by competition in selected year. Competitor’s names are hyperlinks that leads to member profile page shown above. Example:

Login module

In DojoExpert you can set username and passwords for each member, and with this module you can allow your members to login into members area and check some cool things! And all this looks like is on your website, your members don’t know that you are using DojoExpert. After they login, they can read announcements you post for members only (this feature is available only for DojoExpert PRO users), they can check what is the status of subscription payments, attendance reports, results and belts data. Here is how login screen and home members area look like:

student-login student-login2

You enter all data in DojoExpert software, and with our modules the informations are automaticly shown on your website. In DojoExpert you can control what data you want to show/hide. And you don’t need a new website to integrate this modules, you don’t need any special tehnical skills, it’s so easy and straightforward!

WordPress plugin

If your website is created with WordPress, then we have a plugin for you that will show members and result list without iFrame! Check it out here!

Live demo

Check out our demo website to see our modules in action (data from test account):