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Introducing website modules

on Oct 21, 2011

We are proud to introduce you a new cool feature: website modules! What are modules and how they work you can read here. In this blog post we would like to explain you in more detail all about modules. Ok, so let’s assume your dojo name is “Karate club Test” and that the TEST account in DojoExpert manager is yours. Our subscribers allready know how the DojoExpert manager looks like and how it works. If you don’t allready have access to test account, please subscribe here. Anyway, in DojoExpert manager you can manage various data about your dojo and members. But, some data could be sahred with the rest of the world trough your website! This data are: members names and competition results. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can show the list of your most active members and their results on your dojos website? Ofcourse, you have completee control over which members you want to show or hide from this public list trough DojoExpert manager. Here is where our modules jumps in. We give you a piece of code you can put on your website to show this data. To give you an idea how this looks like we have built a website for our imaginary dojo “Karate club Test”. Here it is:

Karate club Test website

This sample website is built using WordPress CMS and our website modules. You can see the members module and competition module. See how the competition results data are extracted from DojoExpert manager and shown on posts and on results page. Also, notice the hyperlinks on members names in results! This is all automaticaly done trough the module. This really enriches the website! You can even test the login module – a super cool module for your members where they can login and check their data!

And, if your dojo doesn’t have a website, we can build it for you! Contact us!