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Inventory management and WebShop

With DojoExpert you can manage your inventory on stock and sell selected items trough Webshop which can be easily embedded into your website. Webshop can be public (everyone can buy items), or private (only members of your school can buy). Webshop works with PayPal payment gateway or without any gateways – you can manage payments for orders on your own. Here are a few screenshots and features that you can use in Inventory and WebShop management:


Keep track of inventory on stock

For each item you can enter number on stock, date of purchase and all kinds of data. On the inventory list, items that are low on stock will be shown orange, items out of stock red and on stock items with green color. You can also run various reports that can tell you your inventory state.

Inventory management Inventory report



Keep detailed data about your inventory

Organize your inventory into categories, set the SKU identification number (if you want to), set if the item should be available in WebShop and if it should be available to public or members only. You can write description with detailed info for your items that will be visible in webshop.

Inventory management


Set options (e.g. color, size, etc.)

Some inventory can have several variations, or “options”. E.g. karate gloves (mitts) can be red or blue and can be of sizes S, M, L or XL. In this case you can add two options, “color” and “size” and set the options values (red, blue for color, and S, M, L, XL for size). You can add whatever option and values that you need.


Set selling price based on options

If your item has different price per option, you can set custom price for each option. E.g. karate uniforms comes in different sizes – larger size means higher price. With DojoExpert this is not a problem.


Sell your items

You can sell your items trough DojoExpert to your members or public. If you don’t want a webshop, you can enter sale transactions directly in DojoExpert. It’s easy, you enter:

  • name of customer (or member)
  • add items, quantity and price
  • create invoice
  • enter payment

Or, you can enable webshop in your account and you will get a link that you can put on your website (or embed with IFRAME). WebShop will display only items that you select, organized into categories you define:

Webshop Webshop


Webshop visitors can add items into Cart and proceed to checkout when ready. On Checkout they can select login if they are member of your school (login with UID and password that you set for your members) or they can continue without login.  They can also select delivery types that you can define (with price for each).

Webchop checkout


If you enabled PayPal in your DojoExpert account, after placing order visitor is redirected to PayPal where he can do the payment. Payment will automatically be registered in your DojoExpert account with invoice created. You can also take orders without payment, if you want to do the payment stuff on your own. Notification can be sent to your and/or customer with details of the order. Orders can be reviewed in DojoExpert where you can take further actions (edit the order, change status etc.).

Inventory and Webshop feature is part of ULTIMATE plan.