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Keep track of belts exam

DojoExpert management system provides you with ability to save rankings and belts exam results for each member. You can define your own belts, colors, requirements, exam parameters and grades. Here is how this belt settings interface looks like (simple and straightforward):

Belts management

Belts management

You can define belt name (color), ordering, requirements (number of training sessions, minimum age, or time requirement – months passed since last belt). You can also have different belt systems – in case you have multiple programs (martial arts styles) teaching in your school.

Once you have your belts defined you can manage exams and members. In the main screen you can filter your database against various parameters like member name (to list all exams one member took), belt (to list all exams for this belt), date (to list all members that participated on the exam). And, you can ofcourse add belt exam result per member into database (promotions).


You can also define your own custom parameters that you are grading on exams:

Another cool feature is printing exams sheets to enter grades:

You can also print belt certificates. We prepared a few ready to use template designs, or you can create your own.

Belt certificates

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