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Kiosk mode for self check-in

on Nov 15, 2017

Attendance tracking can be simple if you are using our new “kiosk mode” self check-in screen. The idea is to open this screen on your tablet and let your students self check-in by typing their name or UID. You can pick the class for which you want to take attendance, or the student can select into which class he wants to check-in if auto-detect is selected. You can find “kiosk mode” button on attendance page:

Kiosk mode button

You can then select “auto detect” or specific class for which you want to do attendance:

Select class

A screen with your logo and school name appears where students can type their name or UID number. A list of members appear as soon as they start typing – enabling them to select their name faster:

Kiosk self check in

If you selected “auto detect” and the student is enrolled in more then one group an additional select will appear enabling student to select into which class he wants to check-in:

Select class for checkin

After clicking the “check in” button the student is checked in and your welcome message is displayed. If a due exists (and you’ve enabled due showing) the message will contain that info as well. The system will also display the student’s picture if you have it in the system:

Self checkin on tablet

There is also a “clear” button to hide the displayed message and “undo” button to roll back the check-in if it was done by mistake.

UPDATE July 2018:

Kiosk mode is now available in our mobile app! Check it out, it’s more secure then web kiosk.