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Lead generation forms

on Oct 3, 2017

With DojoExpert you can now create forms to collect leads on your website. You can create multiple forms with different fields, text, colors, and embed the form on your website so that your visitors can register. This great feature enables you to generate more leads and manage them efficiently.

You can find leads forms if you select “leads” from “members menu”:


To create a new form enter the title and click “add” button. To edit existing form click “edit”:

leads form

For each form you can define:

  • form text (text which appears on top of the form)
  • form fields (can include custom fields that you create)
  • form colors
  • button text and colors
  • your email if you want to receive a notification when new lead registers
  • email template that is used to send an email to your leads when they register (it’s done automatically)
  • default status and source in leads database

The interface looks like this:

leads form

On the end of the form you will have form link and embed code. You can use the form link if you want to send it to your potential leads via email, or you can use the embed code to embed the form on your website. In above example the form looks like this:


All users who use the forms will be added in your leads database which you can monitor and register further actions. Read here about leads management.

You can also use advanced filtering for leads to filter your leads by any field. Find this feature on the left menu!