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Leads management

on Aug 2, 2016

New leads update in DojoExpert. Find “Leads” under “Members” in main menu and access this feature which will help you to keep track of your leads – or potential members to your school. In this short guide you will learn:

  • what are leads and lead sources
  • how to add leads
  • types of leads
  • how to convert a lead to a member
  • how to run lead reports
  • how to send emails to leads

First, before adding your first lead you need to add some lead sources to your account. Here are a few examples, but you can add whatever you want:

Then go “back to leads” and click “add” button on the top of the page to add a lead. Notice the “status” drop down with 3 options:

  • active (lead with potential to convert)
  • lost (not interested or any other reason)
  • converted (became a member)

When adding leads you will probably select “active” and later when you work on your leads, you can change this status. The interface looks like this:

A lead can be converted to a member by clicking “convert to member” button. This will copy existing data to a new member’s profile where you can manage the new member. Status will be changed to “converted”. Leads list will color your leads based on status:


Any action you take with a lead you can write into “add action” section. E.g. when you call them you want to put a note of that. On the leads list in “last action” column you will see the last entry in actions for that lead.

You can also send an email to all or just selected leads. Select leads with check boxes in grid and select “email” in drop down below the grid. This will take you to the email form where you can write and send your email.

There is also a Leads report to which you can access if you want to see your stats. And a chart on the dashboard:


If you want to create lead generation forms read about this feature here.