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New feature: Subscription invoices

on Jan 21, 2012

We upgraded subscription module with new feature: now you can print invoices for your members. You can manually select which invoice to print, or you can print all invoices for selected month with one click. Use small “print” icon in subscriptions table to print selected invoice, or print icon in table footer to print all invoices:

The new window will popup with your dojo logo and adress in header and all invoice data:

If you choose to print all invoices, you will get a page with all invoices. Don’t worry about printing it – select “print preview” in your browser and you will see that every invoice will be printed on separate page.

If you need to put some extra info on your invoices, you can do it in “setting” section. There you can find a textbox where you can write whatever you need:

Another nice feature is sending invoices via email. This is old feature, but this is good opportunity to mention it again: By clicking little envelope icon in footer of subscripton table you will be redirected to e-mail form where you can select predifined “invoice” template and send invoices to selected members.

And that’s it! We hope that this new feature will help you to have more control over your subscriptions!