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New features in registration forms

on Aug 1, 2015

We are announcing new cool features for event registration forms. Here’s what we added:

  • send e-mail notification to users after registering
  • receive e-mail notification when a user registers
  • hide/display event header (title, place, time)
  • discount codes (coupons) for paid events
  • full fields mapping for converting non-members to members

Let’s examine in more details these new features.


Sending e-mail notifications

In event setting you can specify if you want to receive email notification when someone registers, and/or you can specify if you want to send an email to a user after he registers. In order to receive email notification, you simply need to enable this check box and specify your email:


To send email notification to user, you need to create an email template and select it (“user notification” check box). To create the email template follow these steps:

  • select “email” in main menu
  • write email body and subject
  • under email body find “save as new template” box, enter template name and click the “save” button

Here’s an example:


As you can see in above example you can use codes {fname} and {lname} to replace first and last names of users (and other codes like {customX} for custom fields). After you save the template you can select it in registration edit.


Hiding event header

Sometimes you do not want to display the default event header in registration forms. Use this check box to control whether you want it to be shown or hidden:



Discount codes

If you want to enable discounts for your paid events, you can easily create coupon codes! Go to “registrations” and select “discount” on the left menu. You can specify discount rate or discount amount:


These codes will be available for selection in your event settings:


If you have selected at least one code a new field will be added to registration form where users can enter the code and check it if valid:


If the code is correct, a discount will be applied to the amount (registration fee). The discount amount will be visible in invoice and in PayPal form.


Fields mapping

When you’re creating custom fields which you want to use in your registration forms, you can map them to the existing database and custom fields which are used to store member details. These mappings are useful if you want use the most of “convert to member” command that is available for your registrants. Until now only first name, last name and email could be converted, but now with mappings all fields that you use in your registration forms can be transferred to members database if you specify field mappings. This is useful if you want to create registration forms for joining your school or forms to collect leads. You can find “mapping” options when you edit or add “custom fields” for registrations.