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New options in payments management

on Jul 11, 2016

Updated “add payments” screen will now enable you to:

  • select multiple members to add multiple payments at once
  • create add-hoc invoices for add-hoc payments – for one or multiple members at once
  • add payment to close first open invoice – for one or multiple members at once
  • add payments that match invoice amount
  • easier to work on mobile device because of new design

Let’s see how this looks like. In “members” dropdown look for “find” option (first on the list) to switch to multiple members selection. Start typing the name of member to select it. You can add more then one if you want:

If you select one member the “invoice” dropdown will list current open invoices (unpaid). If you select more than one, the “invoice” dropdown will contain 3 options:

  • New – if you want to create new invoice and immediately close it (mark as paid).
  • First match by amount – enter amount of payment and the system will close first invoice that match’s that amount
  • First open – adds payment to first open invoice that it finds

The above options are available for one or multiple members selection. If you select “new” option, notice the “description” field where you can enter the invoice item description. Invoices created this way will have only one item with specified description and entered amount.

Add payments from attendance screen

If you use manual attendance tracking it’s convenient to add payments from attendance list by just selecting it. The attendance screen have 2 icons: first to enter member details, and second to enter payment screen:

After clicking this icon the browser will take to the “add payment” screen with preselected member and the invoice (if any).

Add payments by selecting invoices from the list

Just to remind you that you can add payments by selecting invoices from invoice list. Go to “invoices” in the main menu and select invoices that you want to close (add payment). Under the grid find “pay” option and click “go”:

We hope that these various options on managing payments will make your life easier 🙂