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New scheduler

on Dec 19, 2018

We updated DojoExpert scheduler! New features are:

  • Events drag & drop
  • Better recurrence management (more options)
  • Updated scheduler module
  • More different views
  • Export functionality
  • Better design

To create an event just click on free cell. To edit, double-click on event or right-click and choose “open”. Better recurrence management is main reason why we updated the Scheduler. Now you can set different recurrence plans, and more important, you can break recurrence at any point. This is how event with weekly recurrence looks:

If you create an event, for example, for weekly classes, but one week you don’t have a class for some reason, you can easily delete just that class: right-click the class in question and select “delete” and a popup will ask you if you want to delete just this occurrence or the whole series:

You can share your calendar with your members as before: events that you want to be visible to your members should be marked with “public” flag. That events are then visible in student login (module or app) and also on scheduler module that you can put on your website with IFRAME code that you can find in your account under Settings/modules. Note that we updated this code – the old scheduler code is still working, but if you want to update it with new design, use the updated code from Settings/modules.

Events can also be colored trough “Categories”. Find “categories” button under the Scheduler and define colors for each category. Applying event to category will display it in selected color.

Events from your Scheduler can easily be exported to ICS format (choose Export button under the Scheduler) so that you can import events into Google Calendar, Outlook or any other app that supports ICS.