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New version of QR scanning app

on Mar 5, 2015

We are excited to announce new enhanced version of QR codes scanning app that is now available in Google Play and on iTunnes.

Here’s what’s new:

Support for manual attendance tracking by PIN

After you login, first, you have to select the group whose attendance you want to track and then you enter students’ PIN (this is the UID number in DojoExpert). So, instead of scaning the card, student can enter his UID number and check in this way.

select group enter manual

Support for offline work

The app can now work without Internet connection. This is convenient if you don’t have WiFi in your dojo and want to track attendance with DojoExpert QR code cards. Here is how it works: the cards that you scan while offline are saved on your device to be sent later when you are online. Of course, if you are a new user you need to login while online at least once if you want to be able to work offline. After you scan the cards in offline mode the system will display the last welcome message that was displayed for scanned card. Later, when you come home or at your office where you have WiFi you can send the saved codes to the server so that attendance is marked in your DojoExpert account. As soon as you login into the app, the app will warn you if you have saved codes from offline work that needs to be sent to the server. Offline mode can work also with manual tracking with PIN. A few screenshots:

work offline send codes

Support for other bar code types

Until now we only supported QR codes, but now our scanner can read any other bar code type. If you already use bar codes to track attendance in your school and now you want to move to DojoExpert, then this feature will help you. In DojoExpert student profile page you can set custom bar code for each student so that our scanner app can recognize it and save attendance data when scanning.

bar code

Other enhancements

Orientation switches now works in both versions of the app. Also some bugs fixes for front/back camera switching was fixed. Hope you will enjoy using the new version!