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Attendance tracking simplified

on Oct 28, 2012

Attendance tracking is now simplified! No more time zones, time frames and class schedule! Now you can scan the cards anytime, regardless of your class schedule! To be able to do this, we added an extra screen in our tracking application where you select the group before starting the scan:

Also, now you can do check out to (if you need it, if not, don’t use it)! Enable it in “settings” and your members can after check in scan the card again to check out. On check out the “goodbay” message is displayed and the system stores the time of check in/out. You can view the times in “attendance” screen in DojoExpert manager:

New reports, based on times, coming soon!

Be sure to upgrade the application on your device and use the latest version (v1.1 for iPhone/iPad and v2.1 for Android):

iTunes: DojoExpert QR code scanner

Google Play: DojoExpert QR code scanner