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Recent updates

on Feb 10, 2013

As we are constantly improving our product, we wanted to highlight a few recent updates in DojoExpert manager that you may find useful. We added “comment” field in attendance tracking interface where you can save some comments for your records, or if you use our “members area” module (only PRO accounts) you can show this comments in members area section. This is useful if you need a way to pass short messages to parents of your members.

The next important update is also in “members area”. We added new “calendar” tab where you can set some events from your scheduler to be visible to your members. In scheduler now you can see two new fields: “visible to” and “is public”. Set “visible to” if you want to restrict some events to be visible only to specific dojo. This is also useful if you have multiple user accounts for your DojoExpert manager for different dojo’s. The “is public” makes the event visible in member’s area. With this feature you can share some events with your members so that they always stay up to date.


You can test this in our test website: