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Recurring payments with PayPal

on Apr 13, 2015

Now you can collect money from your students automatically on monthly, weekly, yearly or daily basis. To do it, you need to enable PayPal integration in your account and create recurring payment invoice. Here are the steps:

1) Enable PayPal in “Settings” and setup the IPN link in your PayPal account. More info about this here.

2) Go to student profile for which you want to create recurring payment and create new invoice manually:

Or go to “Invoices” and click “create new invoice” button.

3) In the invoice header you need to setup the recurring payment period. If you want to bill your student monthly, set it as in the screenshot below:



If you need to bill every 3 months, or 15 days, you can do this by entering appropriate values in above fields. Then click “create invoice”.

4) Now you need to specify the exact amount to be billed. Click “Add new blank item” button:


5) In item description specify for what are you billing your student (this will be visible in student login). Be descriptive and make sure you make clear that this will create recurring payment. E.g. “Recurring payment for monthly subscription”. Specify the quantity “1”, the amount, and click “update”:

6) The invoice will be listed in “invoices” and in student profile (refresh the page to see it) and you will see an extra column for recurring payment setting (this way you can recognize recurring payment invoices).

7) In student login, when your student clicks on the “pay with paypal” button, he will be redirected to PayPal in order to pay this invoice and create recurring payment profile for future payments.


The recurring payment date will be the date of first payment. So if you have setup monthly invoice and your student pays this invoice on June-06, next payment will be on July-06, and so on. PayPal will automatically bill your student, you don’t have to create new invoice, the PayPal IPN will do this for you. PayPal will continue to bill your student each month (or other period you have setup) until you or the student cancel the recurring payment profile in PayPal. After each successful payment, DojoExpert will create a corresponding invoice and automatically close it (mark as paid) in your DojoExpert account.

You don’t need to assign subscription package to a student if you want to use recurring payment with PayPal. You just need to manually create initial recurring invoice as described above. Neither subscription packages nor generation of invoices (automatically or manually) are needed. As said, invoices will be generated by PayPal IPN in your account. Please don’t delete the initial recurring payment invoice after is paid and recurring payment profile is created in PayPal – if you do it, IPN will not know how to generate¬†invoice in your account on recurring payments (the payment will be unresolved on your IPN list).

To cancel recurring payment, you need to go in your PayPal account, find “recurring payments” list and cancel the profile. You can’t cancel the payments in DojoExpert, you need to do it in your PayPal account. If your students cancels the profile, you will get the notification by PayPal via email. If the payment can’t be processed for some reason, PayPal will retry in 5 days or cancel the profile. For this you will also be notified by email.

If you want to change recurring billing settings (e.g. switch from monthly to weekly or similar) you need to cancel existing payment profile for your student in PayPal and then create a new recurring invoice in DojoExpert. Editing previous recurring invoice in DojoExpert will not affect recurring payment set by PayPal.

If you have some questions about this exciting feature please contact our support team.