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Send invoices via Email

on Jan 19, 2017

You can now email invoices to your students in two ways! One, by manually selecting invoices that you would like to send, or two, by using automated emailing and “OnInvoiceCreated” trigger. Let’s explain, it’s easy:

Selecting invoices and emailing them

Go to “invoices”, select which one would you like to send (or select all) and then select bulk action “send email” below the grid:

Send invoices


Clicking “go” button will redirect you to email screen with default message which includes code {invoicelink}. You can of course change the email text and create your own styling, but the point is in using the {invoicelink} code which will be replaced with an actual link to the invoice once the email is sent.

Email invoice

Your student will receive the direct link to invoice (not the invoice in attachment). By clicking the link in his email client will be able to view the invoice in his browser and it will look exactly as you see it in DojoExpert when you click on the “print invoice”:


If you have enabled PayPal payment processing in your DojoExpert account then inside the above invoice there will be a “Pay with PayPal” link so that your students can pay the invoice with PayPal. More about PayPal integration.

Using auto-email to send invoices automatically

If you want that your invoices are sent to students automatically when they are created you can use automated emailing feature and “OnInvoiceCreated” trigger. The only difference from previous example is in code used: you now need to use {lastinvoicelink} code in your email template which will be replaced with direct link to invoice.

Happy invoicing! 😉