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Dojo Expert is an online martial arts school management software. With Dojo Expert you can manage your members, subscription payments, belt exams and rankings, competition results and finances of your dojo. Our software supports various martial arts such us karate, judo, kick boxing, tae kwon do, MMA, aikido etc.

Explore the features of DojoExpert:

members management software

Members management

Manage your students data, store all relevant personal and your martial art specific data about your students. Simple navigation, easy to use. Find out more about members management.

members subscription payments

Subscription payments

Have complete control over subscription payments. Easy find out who ows you money or who is late with monthly payment. Generate invoices automatically and send them to your members via e-mail. Read more about subscription payments.

attendance tracking software

Attendance tracking

Track attendance automatically with your smartphone and QR code cards! Display due info on scanning! Run attendance reports and find out which students are missing classes (and send them automated emails). Read more about attendance tracking.

credit card processing

Credit card processing

Integrate with your existing PayPal or Stripe account to receive payments from your students online. Create recurring payments and collect money automatically. Paid invoices are automatically closed. Read more about Credit card processing

student login app

Student login

Allow your students to login into password protected members area where they can view your announcements, their invoices, attendance data, belts, schedule and competition results. Check out this login module demo!

inventory management and webshop pos

Inventory and WebShop

Manage your inventory on stock and sell selected items online to your members or public. It’s easy to add inventory data, set the prices and setup the webshop. You can also take payments with PayPal. Read more about inventory management.

martial arts promotions software

Belts and exams management

Design your own belts rankings and manage your exams results. Keep track of exams per member, enter exam requirements, store ratings and manage promotions!  Read more about belts management.

competition management

Competition management

Store competition data and results of your students so that you can have medals statistics over time and per member or competition. Find out more about results management.

finance and bookkeeping software

Finance management

Manage your finances, your revenues and costs by grouping them in groups that you define. Run monthly and annual reports and find out how is your school performing over time. Read more about financial management.

integrate module

Web integration

Integrate DojoExpert with your web site and display members list with pictures, competition results, class schedule or integrate login module. Check out how easy is to enrich your website with DojoExpert modules!

send bulk email or sms

Bulk e-mail or SMS sending

Communicate with your students trough e-mail or SMS by sending them announcements, grading invitations, invoices, due alerts, etc. Setup automated e-mail sending and let the system work for you! More about automated emails

online registration forms

Online event registrations

Create registration forms and invite people (students or non-students) to register online via your form! Send invitations via email, track who registers, export data to excel and much more! Check out what else can you do with our event registration feature!

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DojoExpert is EU GDPR compliant and offers various features to help you comply with GDPR!

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