Software for martial arts schools

Student management

Manage your members data easy! Having all members data good organized is essential for your martial arts business. With DojoExpert you can save all relevant personal information of your members and keep track of their activity, belts, competition results, attendance etc.

Here is how our members management interface looks like:


List of your school members:

List of members


Select a student and preview all data in one place:

Member details screen


Need custom fields? No problem, define them:

Create fields that you need

Organize your members into groups (classes)

You can create as many groups/classes as you like and put members into diferent groups. Each dojo can have diferent groups defined, and each member can belong to multiple groups. You can define custom fees for each member in group. Fees are used later in generating subscription invoices. Here is the example of group management:

Create classes and enroll members

Group members into families

Keep same family members grouped and invoice them together – only one invoice gets created per family.

Manage families

Class attendance tracking

Keeping attendace records are very important. With our software attendance tracking is very simple! You can do it manual or automatic with QR code cards (printed from DojoExpert). Here are two screenshots from our mobile app:

Attendance tracking Class attendance tracking with QR


Read more about this feature here: Attendance tracking.