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Text messaging with AtomPark

on Oct 12, 2017

You can now use AtomPark SMS provider for sending text messages. Implementation is easy and can be done in a few minutes. AtomPark offers email and SMS sending service. This is how it works:

  • you register for AtomPark account
  • in AtomPark members area you enable Email2SMS feature – you will get a code to enter in DojoExpert
  • add funds to your AtomPark account (minimum is $10, you can use PayPal or credit card)
  • you are ready to send messages from DojoExpert (each send will consume funds from your AtomPark account)

For pricing consult the AtomPark website here. They have international coverage. We don’t take any commission.

Detailed instructions on how to setup AtomPark integration (with screenshots) can be found in your DojoExpert account under SMS menu.

Did you know that you can send personalized SMS? In message body you can use codes like {fname} and {lname} which will later be replaced with your recipient name! You can also use SMS to send messages to your leads (select “SMS” as bulk action under leads grid).

Happy messaging! 🙂