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Text messaging with DojoExpert

on May 9, 2018

DojoExpert integrates with BulkSMS and Clickatell for sending text messages (SMS) to your members or leads. Clickatell was already supported, but now we support their new platform by using REST API. BulkSMS is new provider that we support with their Email to SMS feature. Both require that you create account with them and buy credits for sending messages.

Which one to use?

Clickatell REST API enables you to send messages from DojoExpert to your members or leads. There are two types of integration: one-way and two-way. By default you send one-way, which means your messages are sent from random Clickatell number. You can’t receive replies with one-way messaging. For two-way messaging you need to purchase a long number from Clickatell (which will cost you approx. 150 USD + monthly fee – please refer to their pricing list). When you purchase a number, messages are sent from that number, and replies are also received by that number – you can read replies inside Clickatell interface.

BulkSMS integration works by utilizing their “Email to SMS” feature – this means that we send your messages to their system via email (in background, you don’t have to worry about that). You can receive replies without purchasing long number – just need to specify your phone number as “sender” and any replies will arrive to your phone number.

Old Clickatell integration also had email to sms possibility (Clickatel SMTP API), but this is no longer supported in their new platform (only old Clickatell customers can use this feature).

We can also provide integration with AtomPark by request.

Instructions on how to integrate can be found in your DojoExpert account under “SMS” menu (“setup instructions” link).