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Tutorial: How to create a web form to collect leads

on Aug 24, 2015

This tutorial is out of date – there is a better way to create leads generation forms!


This tutorial will introduce you to the event registration system in DojoExpert. You will be able to:

  • create registration form
  • create fields for registration form
  • embed the form on your website
  • manage registered users

Let’s start. Our registration form will be used to collect leads on our test school website ( First, we need to create form fields which we want to use. First name, last name and email are by default included in every form, so we just need to add fields which we are missing. In our example we will create these three additional fields:

  • Phone number
  • Time to call (enabling users to select time convenient to call them back).
  • How did you hear about us (list type)

To create the fields we need to click on the “registrations” in main menu and then on the “custom fields” in the left menu. The “phone number” field will be of type “text”, and we will map it to “phone number” field that exists in DojoExpert database:


This mapping will enable us to easily convert the lead to member (student) – if we will want that in future.

Next field, “time to call”, will be of type “list” – meaning the user will need to select something from the list. We will specify these values in this list: morning, noon, evening. You specify them by separating them with comma:


Since we don’t have this field in DojoExpert (we can add it if we want to), we won’t map it. And third field is “how did you hear about us”. If we want to keep this info after we convert the lead to member, we will need to create a member field for that. Go to “members” and then select “fields” on the left menu. The interface looks similar. We created a field called “lead source” with list type and items as on screenshot:


Then, we go back to “registration fields” and add a new field by selecting “lead source”. This will preselect mapping and populate other required fields, you just need to click “add” button. Also, we have changed the default “lead source” field title to “how did you hear about us” by clicking “edit”:


Our fields are ready, we can now create registration form!

Go to “registrations” in main menu and add new event. You can call it “leads form”. Then edit it to specify all other data. What’s important for our form is:

  • registration ends date (set it to some future date until when the form will be available)
  • show header – set to false
  • registration notification – set to your email if you want to receive email notification when someone registers
  • fields for registration – add fields that we’ve just created



Your form is now ready! Click “save” on the bottom of the page first, and then you can test it if you click on “registration link” which is marked above, in screenshot. Our form looks like this:


Let’s add this form on our website: We use wordpress CMS, so it will be easy to add this form. We copied the HTML code found in event details (under registration link) to our new page called “join us”:


You can do this in any other CMS, or contact your webmaster to help you. The form is read to use and you can see it live here:

Since this is a test website, we don’t really want people to register, so the “register” button will be disabled in this example.

But here’s what will happen when someone fills the form and hits “register” button in your form:

  • you will receive an email notification
  • you will see all other data in your DojoExpert account

Here’s an example:


In DojoExpert you can go to “registrations” and click the number in the events table:


John Smith will be on the list in our example. So, after you call John and he decides to join your school, you want to convert him to member. You can do that by clicking “convert to member” link:


And since you mapped the fields on the beginning of this tutorial, all data will be preserved and you will have new member in your members database.

This example is available in our test account, so you can look at it in more detail there.

Hope you like it 🙂