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What’s new in invoicing

on Dec 13, 2013

Good news! We upgraded the invoicing system to offer more options! We also upgraded the complete invoicing tutorial, you can find it here. In short, here’s what’s new:

1) You can now set “prepaid” and “postpaid” subscription packages (prepaid: you bill in front, postpaid: you bill after the period).
2) The invoices can now be generated automatically by the system. You can select fee packages that you want to include in auto generation and enable the service in settings. The service runs once a day and checks if new invoices needs to be generated, and if yes, they will be generated automatically. The service looks for last invoice (if there is no last invoice the “start date” will be used) and generates new one based on that invoice and settings in subscription package.
3) You can set “maximum attendance limit” for a period in subscription package. Until now only weekly limits ware possible, but now you can set the total limit of the package (e.g. total monthly limit). After the limit is reached, you can set that new invoice is generated for next period. Example: you can have monthly package with 15 classes included. If someone exceeds this limit before the end of the month, a new invoice can be generated for next month period and new 15 classes.
4) You can display attendance count and limit ¬†on check in. If you use automatic attendance tracking, after the “welcome message” you can display the attendance count and limit on screen. The message will be “Welcome John Doe (5/15)” – saying this is your 5th class out of 15 maximum.

And on the end, the interface of creating and updating subscription packages is more user friendly with useful tips.

Hope you will like these new features!