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Stripe tutorial

With DojoExpert you can now accept credit cards! We integrated with Stripe, one of most popular payment processors which operates in more then 25 countries worldwide. Sign up for Stripe account and you are ready to integrate with your DojoExpert account. Here we will guide you how to:

  • setup Stripe
  • pay invoices with credit cards (in DojoExpert or in student area)
  • enable credit card payments in webshop
  • charge your students automatically with Stripe subscriptions

Stripe is not free, a transaction fee applies (by Stripe). But there is no extra cost when integrating with DojoExpert (we don't collect any extra fees, the money goes directly to your Stripe account).

Setup Stripe

Stripe integration is part of our ULTIMATE plan. If your account is not in ULTIMATE plan you will need to upgrade (you can do this anytime and pay only price difference - go to "settings", "account info" tab and click "upgrade" link).

To connect your Stripe account with DojoExpert go to "Settings" in DojoExpert and click "Stripe" tab. Here you need to enter Stripe public and secret keys:

You can find these keys inside your Stripe account under "API" menu:

After you've added the keys you will get the "Webhook" URL which you need to paste inside "Webhook" tab in Stripe:

Make sure that you select only "invoice.payment_succeeded" and "invoice.payment_failed" events in webhook settings.

And you are done, you and your students can now use credit cards to make payments.

Pay invoices with credit cards

You can pay any invoice with a credit card. Just open the invoice and click "pay" button. You will notice new "pay with stripe" button:

Click it and Stripe popup will appear in which you can enter credit card details:

After clicking "pay" button money is taken from the credit card and transferred to your Stripe account. DojoExpert registers this payment by closing the invoice and adding revenue in your "Costs & revenues" inside DojoExpert. Any invoice can be paid this way - it's a real Point Of Sale (POS) system now!

Students can pay within members area

"Pay with credit card" button is also available in members area (student login). They can login with their UID and password and pay invoices with their credit card:

Sell your stuff and accept credit cards

With DojoExpert you can easily setup a small webshop that can now accept credit card payments! You just need to enable Stripe in webshop settings:

When Stripe is enabled in webshop checkout screen there will be "pay with credit card" option:

Charge your students automatically with Stripe recurring payments

Recurring payments, or subscriptions in Stripe, can be integrated with DojoExpert to charge your customer credit card each month (or week, or year). These are called subscription plans and can be created inside Stripe or within DojoExpert. Notice "Stripe subscription" section inside members profile (visible only when Stripe is enabled). Click on "show subscriptions" to connect to Stripe and list active subscription for customer ID that you enter. If this is the first time you set subscription for a member, click "add subscription" and select (or create new) plan in popup window:

After clicking "Subscribe" window you need to enter credit card details for this member to charge him for first time:

After successful charge you can close the window and click "Show subscriptions" to list the subscription you've just added. Also notice "Customer ID" field is now filled with ID from Stripe. This is the ID that connects member in DojoExpert with Customer in Stripe interface.

Once subscription is created for selected plan, invoice is created for first payment. All future payments are done automatically and invoices are created in DojoExpert withot any action from your (or student) side. This enables you to charge your customers (students) each month/week/year (as you setup in Subscription plan).

Please note that all credit card processing is done on Stripe side. We do not store any credit card data on our servers. Also there are no extra fees or any money transfer to our accounts - it's all done on Stripe. This ensures you to be secure about using Stripe and credit card payments with DojoExpert.