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Track what's new in DojoExpert: Updates in 2022.

New version of mobile app Dojo Login

March 30, 2022

New version of Dojo Login app for your students is available for update/download from store (Android and iOS). Enhancements include:

  • Permanent login - once logged in, users don't need to login each time when starting the app
  • Push notifications enhancements and bug fix
  • Web shop in main menu - if you have webshop enabled in your account, you can make it visible in Dojo Login app
  • Games - engage your students with two new games (more to come in future)

To enable games in Dojo Login go to App Info menu. Note that your students will need to update the app to latest version to see games. The same goes for web shop link.

There are two games: Memory and Word guessing. Memory is classic pair finding game with martial arts cards (icons). Find all pairs in shortest time and you can enter top score list.

You can view the top score list in web app. Second game is Word guessing. Student needs to guess 5 words that you set in web app in shortest time. You can create unlimited word guessing games and top scores list is created as average time over all games.

Hope this will encourage your students to use the app even more and compete with each other to gain best scores in games :)

New version of mobile app DojoExpert

February 1, 2022

New version of DojoExpert mobile app is available for update/download from store (Android and iOS). Enhancements include: changes in Message board - added ability to send individual messages, and changes in Milestone management - added another way to update milestones, by member search. Screenshots:

Stripe integration updated

January 30, 2022

Update in Stripe integration! Changes include:

  • Booking forms that require class payment now include "add to cart" feature - select multiple dates and pay all at once
  • Payments are processed using Stripe checkout secure form
  • Only paid bookings are registered (if user cancels payment or card declined, no booking will be made)
  • Same stripe checkout procedure for event registrations and webshop orders!
  • After successful payment user is redirected to confirmation page: booking/events forms now include fields for confirmation page: text, link for button, text on button.
  • For members that have stripe customer_id linked with their profile in DojoExpert - you can charge them directly: create invoice and use "pay with Stripe" button - no need to enter credit card details, default card in their Stripe profile will be used and charge is instant!

Chart updates

January 1, 2022

A few enhancements in Dashboard and member profile (attendance chart).
New charts on Dashboard:

New chart in member profile:

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